Wednesday , September 28 2022

Here's the roughness of the pitch – Galatasaray News


Although the second half of the league began problem with the attackern can not handle it Galatasaray, DubaiHe went with great hopes but returned with the dreamlike shape he dreamed of bringing two stars.

Chinese League"IN Guangzhou Evergreen playing in the team. Alan Carvalho p Tianjin Quanjian Play in the team Alexander Pato A second president who is in contact with clubs and players Connect directly with Abdurrahim administrative manager Kükrü Hanedardid not get the desired result.

"They were very good"

The yellow-reds, especially in the area of ​​the Brazilian player's big expectations, were shocked by the insistence. Alan, who studied Galatasaray's monetary policy, wanted a total of 5 million euros from Albaicar. First in cash that they want as a footballer, Cim-Bom, in the face of the negative attitude, said he could make a contribution. Yellow-reds, however, disagree with the transfer for the moment they are left.

Albaicar, who talks to many players about Dubai Cup matches, recently agreed with Alan and his club. Everything between us to negotiate

He did not. Thanks to both Allen and his club. They were incredibly well-educated. Everything was going well, but suddenly the "Transfér lay down" the news came out. We'll wait and see, "he said.

Pato wanted time

Albaicar talked to Pato and his club, said, "Thank you very much for the club, they took us from the airport and took us to the hotel, we talked to them, we had an hour to talk to Pato, and I want to thank the club and Pato. said he was happy, but that he had an account in his own club and needed time to deal with him.

A patient who, for yellow-red administrators who have an early return to Turkey, "Gönüll, I would like to go back here with a football or a football player, I believe we have done good things for Galatasaray. We are in dialogue with 10 players Allah With several of them for a few days Galatasaray will come together again, he said.


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