Monday , June 14 2021

His partner has repeatedly killed his son-in-law with a knife.

Sefa Uyanık (54) was stabbed to death by his brother-in-law Yakup Esenkaya (61).

According to the news of DHA, the event happened at 2:00 pm in the central Meram district of Sait Pasha Street. According to the statement, Sefa Uyanık, the light commercial vehicle in the car while driving began to discuss with Yakup Esenkaya. After the discussion became a battle, Escaya repeatedly stabbed Uyanik and hurt him heavily. He woke up to lose control of the wheel, stopped in front of a stopped car. Esenkaya escaped from the vehicle escaping. The police and health teams were sent to the crime scene after informing the surrounding citizens. Amphitheater Konya for training and a research hospital removed by Sefa Alert, although doctors' intervention can not be rescued.

"MI dies?" He asked

The Homeland Security Bureau of Homeland Security Emillers' teams have begun to capture Yakup Eskenkaiya after the incident. Meanwhile, Escaya went to Ferodie's police station and surrendered. The detained Escayaya, the journalists who watched him: "Whoever did it, cleansed the market, there are no deceptive men, you put me in my pocket, take the money in my pocket, officially stole the theft, I started pulling out, 150,000 pounds would get. I warned him that I did not listen, "he said.

Come to the CLAIM from murder

Jacob E., who did not know about Sephan Deyan's death, told reporters: "Is he dead?" he asked. The security investigation of Jakub E. while driving, a person who beat his father before the punishment for entry and exit was learned.

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