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How do you know you're depressed? – Feminine news

Mental Health and Disease Specialist who said depression was the oldest and most common disease among mental health illnesses. Ebru Öztepe Yavaşçı, for many years, depression is seen only as a psychological disorder, he said. Dr. Ebru Öztepe Yavaşçı, the environmental factors in the development process observed during the follow-up, drew attention to the attempt to explain.

However, for the vast majority of patients who use the same medicine for physical illness, he emphasizes that they were examined when a distortion was detected. Ebru Öztepe Yavaşçı, "Depression is another cause of genetic predisposition, but not an effective gene in depression, and stress is also an effective environmental factor in depression." Genetic stress and stress are hand-in-hand, causing the biological mechanism of depression. only socio-psychological This is not a disease or a biological disease but is actually a disease of the brain caused by a combination of many causes and some physical illnesses can also be depressed Anemia, thyroid disease (x potireoidizam), diabetes, vitamin B12 deficiency, etc. This may be due to drugs used to treat other disease.


Depression can only be diagnosed by a specialist. Ebru Öztepe Yavaşçı, "Depression, loss of interest in anhedonia, lack of pleasure, loss of energy, feeling of guilt, inability to make decisions, decision making, attention and concentration, forgetfulness, slowing of thoughts and movements , sleep disturbances and appetite as a symptomatic symptom.This symptom should last for at least 2 weeks and almost every day of the day One of the necessary criteria for diagnosing mental disorders is that these symptoms significantly reduce quality o life of man.

"Depression is a serious illness that needs to be treated," he said. "Depression can become chronic if it is not treated.The most important and worst result is suicide.This is a disease that causes serious disability.According to the World Health Organization, 121 million people are affected worldwide.It is the first one of the most vulnerable people in the world for job losses and disabilities, is ranked fourth in the global burden of disease, the global burden of illness, the total number of years lost due to premature deaths and deaths effective life years, and secondly between men and women aged 2 years and is projected to increase in the second place for all ages for both sexes in 2020.

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Especially in recurrent depression, seasonal features are more remarkable. Ebru Öztepe Yavaşçı "Seasonal changes occur not only in humans, but also in nature and animals, believing in positive effects of the place and climate change among people is caused by such phenomena." Seasonal depression affects more than 6% of the population living away from the equator There is a link between suicidal disturbances and suicides Seasonal depression is more common in high areas and 60 to 90% of patients are women Antidepressant treatment for seasonal depression has been effective in the treatment of phototherapy that lasts 3 0 minutes before and after dawn.


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