Monday , May 16 2022

How many pounds of gold? June 22 prices of gold before the election …


Citizens who want to invest in secure gold gold watch for the smallest change in prices. The price of grams of gold that follows the exchange rate parallel to the exchange rates today is 262 pounds. So what's the latest situation today? Here are the current prices of gold June 22 …


GRAM GOLD: It was purchased from TL 261.90 and was sold by TL 261.99.

QUARTER GOLD: 414.08 TL while 423.47 TL are sold.

GOLD GOLD: It was purchased from TL 825.95 and was sold by TL 847.33.

GOLDEN REPUBLIC: It was purchased from 1,716.00 TL and was sold at TL 1,742.00.

Altine prices February 26: Gram and Al Alte Alte Alte Alte Alte Alte Alte Alte Alte Alte Alte Alte Alte Alte Al Seinäseer Seerai Seir Seer Seyer Seirie Seirie Seyrer Did you know?


It is an investment tool used to produce and invest gold and is also traded on international markets. Factors influencing the price of gold are the factors that influence gold demand and supply. These are;

1 – Industrial demand, especially for the demand for jewelery,

2 – Expenditures for gold mining for mining companies,

3 – The geopolitical position of the countries with a great weight in demand and supply of gold,

4- Prices of oil and other commodities,

5 – Central Bank Gold Purchase and Sale Deals,

6- Monetary policy of central banks,

7 – Real interest rates,

8 – Inflation,

9- The growth rates of the world's economies,

10. Hedge deals of gold producers,

11 – Short and long positions on futures markets where gold is traded,

12 – Speculative transactions,

13 – The value of the US dollar against other currencies.

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