Wednesday , May 5 2021

How much is the dollar? November 27 Dollar Dry Comments – The right address for financial news

The dollar, bar-type oil prices against the dollar in November, falling more than 20% of the decline continues to fall. The growing global oil supply and the slowdown in demand continue to exert pressure on oil prices. Bankers, the fall in oil prices, and despite the limited price recovery, see the long-term expectation of low TL as the main cause of profit.

TL rose more than 1% against the dollar yesterday, while similar currencies fell between 1.6% and 1.6%. The dollar fell to 5.21, the lowest level in the last 4 months on the free market yesterday. Internal policies are prominent on the internal market agenda.


Demand for local pre-election alliances is closely monitored in markets where an electoral pricing process has not yet begun. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's party for the local elections in 14 provinces, including the mayor of 40 provinces, announced the presidential candidates, today Ankara and Izmir will be announced.

MHP Deputy President Bahçeli Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir candidates for AK Party support announced that the candidate.

On the bond bond market, the 10-year benchmark bond yielded an average compound payment of 16.95% on Friday. Yesterday, the average compound interest rate at the end of 16.53%, the last deal took place around 16.50%.

The average conditional interest in the two-year benchmark bond was not on Friday. Yesterday, the average yield of the composition in the closed spot was 20.29%.

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