Friday , March 31 2023

IPhone 11 Pro


Apple iPhone 11 Pro

appleTo be presented in September iPhone between iPhone 11 Pro place credit,

MacBook / MacBook Pro, iPad / iPad Pro, iMac / iMac Pro. Who is the next? According to Apple iPhone In the world. According to Mark Gourman, a solid source iPhone 11 Pro He is coming. Why is it coming? At the moment everyone is asking, no one knows the exact answer. The iPad, MacBook and iMac Pro models always use higher performance and quality hardware. The country of the iPhone doesn't seem to be able to do that. According to leaked information iPhone 11 ProIt doesn't have different features that will really make the "Pro" different from the iPhone 11. That seems really weird. only larger screen and bigger battery It would be funny to use Jewelry Pro for apple, can prepare a special surprise called. a Which feature makes the smartphone suitable for professionals unknown, maybe a lot of criticism and derision apple his move seems to be on the way.


The general specifications of the family, including the iPhone 11 Pro, are as follows

To remind myself A13 Bionic 11 and 11 Max or Pro OLED The display is located, the 11R comes on the LCD. Run faster FaceID the face recognition system will host new iPhones, new AirPods and the new Apple Watch back wireless charger will also offer. Behind models with OLED display three piecesRear 11 R two cameras the company that has long been desired ultra wide angle IPhone users in life. Front cameras 120 frames per second can shoot slowly The new family, as we have always said, is not very curious, despite the Pro model.

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