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Is it useful to close when you are not using phones?

You have received advice from countless people to turn off your smartphone when it is not in use. Is there an initial proposal? Does your phone have any effect on your phone?

Because we do a lot of smartphone transactions, smartphones spend most of their day open. Although most people say this situation is detrimental to smartphones, we were wondering whether this rumor was real or not and that we had to look at the truth.

First of all, it is worth noting that the majority of people using smartphones do not exclude their smartphones. Since we also use our smartphones as a means of communication and alarms, they must be available at all times. In other words, they were already designed to work that way. After all, when someone calls you or your alarm turns off when your phone is off, what or who can help? Here everything in your device is not that simple.


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Another issue raised by those who believe that phone exclusion affects the health of the device is the variability in temperature levels of devices. Although the temperature of the device is a nice point, here is a small detail: The temperature of the device is not determined by how long you will open it, but by what you do over the phone.

Imagine turning off your phone in the morning. Then you had breakfast and picked up your phone. While the phone is operating at an extremely acceptable temperature, you have decided to play a high-performance mobile game at the same time. From now on, the temperature of the phone will begin to increase.

If we talk about sudden temperature fluctuations, your phone is likely to be damaged, but the fact is that the phones are designed with temperature fluctuations.


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There is a lot of research in this area and it's not about the health of the device but about the battery life. If you want to increase battery life, we recommend that you switch off your phone or pay attention to sudden temperature changes. In addition, turning off your phone may be beneficial to your health, even if it is not in your phone's interest. In the next articles we will talk about this topic for you. By then, bye-bye.

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