Thursday , August 18 2022

Is Mehmet Ali Erbil in intensive care?


The state of the art Mehmet Ali Erbil is still in intensive care from thousands of questions every day out of curiosity to know. Mehmet Ali Erbil, the beloved name of Mehmet Ali Erbil, who was taken to the intensive care unit about 1 month ago and in serious condition, came from his sister Yeşim Erbil, who is a good news doctor today. Yeşim Erbil said that his brother Mehmet Ali Erbil would stay in the intensive care unit for a while. Erbil Erbil, indicating that it will take time to return to normal life, no longer keep the rope with all of you coming from there, & # 39; she said the last situation was from Mehmet Ali Erbil.

The following is the latest division from doctor Yeşim Erbil;

I want to share the latest status. My brother fell from the cliff, holding the rope stretched out when he almost fell. Well, that's the summary. Leaves breathing apparatus. The body will repair damage caused by trauma that is too long and severe. In intensive care, treatment will continue. We can't know how long this time is. Fully returned to normal. We thank you for coming to this stage. The orientation of time and space is disrupted because they have been intensively treated for more than a month. Hospital intensive care team, thanks to all my contributors to my dear friends. Now he keeps the rope with prayers from all of you, hopefully you can get out of there. All right and I'll follow the good news, I hope.

Then what about Mehmet Ali Erbil's disease in intensive care for about a month?

Mehmet Ali Erbil who suffers or escapes from idd syndrome has a serious health condition. Professor Yeşim Erbil, Erbil's medical doctor, described the disease as rare & # 39; Erbil suffered from this disease 16 years ago. In an interview he told how he got himself:

– sendrom The name of my illness is runaway syndrome. Water comes out of my veins. The cause of this disease is very interesting to me. I worked hard at that time. Two days before my illness, we went to a nightclub, put dog poop in my chair. Who can think of it, you will sit in a fancy nightclub on the floor. What I don't even think about is what it is. And then I breathe it. I fell ill two days later. Everything comes to your mind. My only advantage is; no alcohol. Nobody knows that. I really want to drink. The doctor said, beer drink at dinner, it's very useful! Uh, but I can't drink it. At the age of 44, I took my first cigarette, and then I started smoking

DISEASE SYMPTOMS OF DISEASE SYNDROMEI: Symptoms of the disease occur in almost every disease. Muscle pain, fatigue, dizziness, vomiting and frequent abdominal pain. This disease is examined in special laboratory settings. In patients, edema in the intestine, fluid in the muscles, microbes in the blood and acid accumulation in the heart membrane are determined.

Brother Yeşim Professor Erbil announces rare disease Mehmet Ali Erbil

TREATMENT OF THERAPEUTIC? : Because blood pressure drops too fast, the patient must be treated continuously. Follow-up is the most important condition in this disease. Inadequate organ function can cause sudden death. To prevent serious damage to the kidneys, calves, liver and lungs, doctors continue to monitor the operation of these organs.

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