Tuesday , March 21 2023

Jean-Claude Van Damm: I believe there is magic in Turkey



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The world-famous actor Jean-Claude Van Damm, this is a very nice meeting every time he visits Turkey and says he is very much loved, "I believe he has magic in Turkey, I felt coming down to Turkey, I'm coming for him." he said.

Dame, who prefers Mugla Bodrum Resort for the holiday, settled in Bodrum from Paramount Hotels & Resorts in Zeytinlikahve. Dame who drank a fish menu at a restaurant in the hotel spent a nice night here.

Dame, who watched the dance shows on the stage and took pictures and videos, accompanied the dance shows from time to time. Dame, talking to the fans coming to him, refused to shoot.

attract attention with his friendly attitude Dam, in a statement to reporters, he said he was very happy to be in Turkey.

very well entertained who expresses Dame in Turkey, "I met Turkey very well in every development, I liked it very much, I have pointed out even for this reason only Turkey, I believe there is magic in Turkey, I felt down to that in Turkey, I'm coming for you, "he said.

"Turkey and many religious CULTURAL SESSION countries"

A very emotional person in itself identifies Dam, said: "… Turkey is a country where the invention of many religions and cultures Istanbul is the largest replacement of Islam is one of the oldest religions When I look at the story I was invited from the spectacular Here my friends Today is the first day now and I spent a very nice day when the movie made a scene connected to water when the hotel's water tank and have pools.There turned our entire film but we are on the verge of today the sea swim, I have a massage I can feel the magic of water in Turkey. "


I have a small yacht in Turkey who want to buy, so they also said that they would spend more time in Turkey.

Describing much of Turkish food, Dam said, "When I come here, do you have Turkish coffee and Turkish pleasure?" I said. They Catering. I ate and drank coffee and ham. I will spend enough time in Turkey. I want to taste different tastes. " he said.

The lady, who was having fun late, also talked to the hotel managers.

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