Thursday , June 1 2023

Kenan Dogulu Says They Will Divorce His Wife Beren Saat


[Haber görseli]

For months, the singer and his wife, Kenan Dogulu, have been divorcing in categorical language to respond to allegations that Beren Saat's confusing title comes from the player. The player shared a tear from his Instagram account.

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Beren Saat, who took selfies with a baby in his hand, tagged photo and video artist Aykut Kömert, who lost his life under his title last June, and in English, "I Have Your Doll Tonight" (I Have His Baby Tonight) was dropped.

Beren Saat Aikut Komert's 10-year-old friend died of cancer on June 6th. Saat is believed to have cried months later to share his baby from his friend and share these moments with his followers. Belgian actor Bilgin and Esra Dermancioglu approached the pose of the handsome actor.

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