Friday , May 20 2022

Last Minute böyle The nation's money is lost! A 150-bed hospital abandoned to fall apart


The rough construction of the Mugla Bodrum State Hospital, which began in 2017 in the Ortakent Konakach district, Bodrum, Mugla, is over, but the nail has not been nailed since last year. Officials from the contractor who took part in the tender announced that the construction of the company was not continued due to the liquidation of the company.


The chief physician at the Bodrum Hospital said he does not have information on the matter, Mugla Health Ministry officials say "Construction does not stop, TOKYI continues," although the statement did not escape the construction of the hospital.


Since there is no room for construction in the existing section of the Bodrum State Hospital, Ortaken Konacich District, 680, 681, 684 plots donated by citizens on condition that the hospital is made is registered in the name of the Treasury. The author of the hospital project, which is planned to be built on an area of ​​55,000 square kilometers and was announced in 2012, is located in Ankara, MBY Project Danış Mimarlık İnş. San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. It was established. Diy-Mar İnş. San Vegas. Ltd. Sti. (DMİ) was also the contractor. In 2017, the construction of 41 million 850,000 pounds in exchange for auction and rough construction was completed, and 59 percent of the 150-seat state hospital in Bodrum ended in a year for unknown reasons.


Mustafa Cadri Berim, a citizen living in Bodrum, said they were very happy when they learned that the hospital would be open, but no study was currently conducted and said, "It is not possible to find a doctor in every branch in the existing Bodrum hospital. How useful can the doctor be when you need to take care of 150 people a day? We are tired of waiting in line for hours. We were very happy when the construction of the hospital began. But construction has not worked for a year. They said we did not know who we were asking. This place must be completed and put into operation as soon as possible ".

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