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LAST MINUTE! Flash statements from the general manager of Havelsan Atalay


HAVELSAN General Manager Atalay, Turkey's mobile phone sector is among the top few people mean when they speak. Atalay graduated from the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering at Yilduz Technical University. He made the first step in his professional career as an R&D engineer at Teletaş between 1985-1986. He worked as a Netaş quality engineer / manager between 1987-1998 and a Netaş wireless systems manager from 1998-2004.

Between 2004 and 2010 he was a member of the Committee on Information and Communication Technologies (ICTA). He is subsequently a member of the Probil / Netaş Executive Committee. Atalay, who is currently the general manager of HAVELSAN, answered our questions about 5G technology, the impact of this technology on our daily lives, the need for investment and the trade wars between the US and China.

– The world is gearing up for 5G. Turkey, where in this area?

ATALAY: The phone was first for communication, the name of the phone. Today everything from the camera to the address book. For this reason, it has become a very important element in our lives. Technology is constantly improving it. In what direction is it developing? Two ways: First, the features are magnified. As functions increase, data capacity increases.

What is your current internet connection speed? Let's say 10 megabytes. What does 10 megabytes mean? It can send 10 million bytes per second. Millions of bytes … Thousands are gone, millions, now we're going to gigabytes.

– If we simulate the road, does the road widen?

Atalay: Think of this byte as a bit of a bus, increasing the number of passengers a bus can carry. What is happening to increase the number of passengers? The bus is growing. As the bus grows, its path must be widened. Now the design of the 40-person bus is clear, here it is 2 meters wide, 10 meters high. Now you will say that I will build a bus with 150 seats. What are you going to do? The physical size of the person is secure, the size of the byte is secure, you increase the length of the width. As you increase in width and length, there are thousands of men, 10 people have gone this route, millions of people are now passing, and you are widening the path.

Now think about the old system. I'll call you, the telephone network between me and you establish a physical line, we connect with wires. This capacity was not enough, it was not of copper wire, it was connected to fibers, but it had a physical connection. Making a physical connection? Removes mobility. We need to be in fixed places to be physically connected. This is where the need for a mobile, not a physical connection comes from, let's get in touch everywhere.

Then the radio is used, the frequencies are used. Now our paths are those frequencies. We don't see the frequency, but there are roads in the air. You know how planes have paths, planes don't run according to their head, you know they have routes. We don't see frequencies like this, but there are routes. We now communicate with these frequencies. There were radio stations. Remember there were public radio stations. The drummer, the marketer, had a thousand bands and had to say, "Hello, hello." Then GSM output, slightly wider, 3G outgoing messages also started, slightly wider. There was a lot of internet in 4G, it's about 10 megabytes, we send video, we communicate video or something like that. Now then 5G and 6G eden The current process 6, 16 will proceed like this.

– Is bandwidth increasing?

Now this bandwidth will increase a lot; a.

Secondly, I just told you how long we can make the width of the road after all, how wide can we make it from Ankara to Istanbul? There are 50 meters at your fingertips, you have extended those 100 meters, 500 meters, so there is a limit.

Once you are here, you are based on physical restrictions, so you are expanding in the number of passengers you will carry. Second, vehicles for the carriage of these passengers are also increasing, ie. people and objects are connected. Therefore, as the need for each person or object in a relationship increases, so does the number of connected people.

The number of mobile phone subscribers has reached almost 80 million in Turkey, and almost everyone has a mobile phone. We now say that new cars are connecting to the Internet. What is the world population? About 8 billion. They say the number of connections is 15 billion, and by 2020 it will be 50 billion. What are the ones that need to be connected? These are cars, you even put something on your dog at home, pets, even cows on your farm to follow, to control, so it goes. The IoT is the Internet of Things, the Internet of Things.

So what are you going to do because the width of this path is clear? Then maybe you make floors. What we are doing now? Cities are not enough, we do the subway, get off the bottom. That's not enough, let's get down with drones or something. There are different böyle frequencies in frequency

– There are restrictions in this area, right?

Of course, there are frequencies. Normal GSM frequency, you may not remember, is Turkcell's 900 megahertz. Together with Avea was 1800 with Aria. Then we loaded the 2000s with 3G, now the high bandwidths go up to 60 gigahertz, which the tapes don't use much.

As frequency increases, the amount of data it can carry increases, but the distance it reaches decreases. As the frequency decreases, its attenuation increases, and the resistance to weathering weakens it with high frequency. Think of the effect of wind on a fast moving car, much more ethics than a slow moving car. Here, with increasing frequency, the resistance to air or other physical things increases. For example, the wall punching capacity is reduced. There is something that we physically cannot go through to get nowhere, this is the rule of physics, you cannot overcome it. Then what are you doing? You put in too many base stations. While a base station 20 kilometers ahead of 2G can serve me, in 3G it fell 10 kilometers, 4G fell 1 kilometer as the frequency increased. The base station must be no more than 1 kilometer in order to receive the correct service. Now, when this 4G-5G goes, it drops to almost meters. Then we have to have a base station.

– Will the number of base stations increase further?

How Many Base Stations Will Be In 5G Now? 100-150 thousand. The frequency increases, the need for a base station increases. The number is increasing, but their powers are diminishing. There is such an inverse proportion. The number of base stations will increase so much that in the future our phones will be base stations on top of each other.

This increases the number of base stations and increases the number of users. When everything is connected in this world, all our data is distributed to this network. Then where does the duel go? To date, these technologies have been developed with America and Europe. America had a technology called CDMA, Europe had a technology called GSM. Europeans beat Americans, erase CDMA. The 3G standard of Europeans dominated the world. This continued in 4G, but in Europe there is no 5G. In fact, there is no America.

– Which country is it, China?

China is leading. 5G transition period, mainly stones to sit in 6G. 5G has this technology, there is wi-fi, there is LTE. As I said, there will be many base stations, they will always be connected. A combination of multiple technologies, 5G combined.

– This is the reason for the confrontation between America and China, so to speak.

Yes. There are two dimensions to the problem, one is economic, the other is security. Now the nation is talking about the economy, but security in the background is more important.

– It controls the information that the technology produces. On the other hand, is what happens in the sense of intelligence?

Think about it … I'm a very limited user of social media, but social media platforms know people who use social media more than that person. They did a study. When you make 500 shares on social media, this social media platform knows you better than your friend. He knows you better than your partner when you do 1000 shares. When you do more than 1000 3000-5000 shares, you know better than you do.

It extracts data from your shares and analyzes it with artificial intelligence. He says, "This person has a sensitivity like this." For example, when you name a football team, you get blood pressure, bad blood bad blood. Now, even if we really are, we are not aware of this situation, but this social media platform is aware of this.

He knows you better than his wife, even more than you do. Think of the world now because a number of forces outside you know your country better than you if you view it as a country. Weaknesses, strengths, whatever you say … Could this be a big threat?

What does America say? There's a saying, "One knows his job," he says … Because they do these things very well in their day, they know who they have watched, listened to, followed, followed, owning this technology.

  • HAVELSAN GENERAL MANAGER HAMDİ ATALAYNow the US is saying bookmarks This information is being passed into my hands This is against the backdrop of Chinese tensions with the US. America's dominance in the world is not just due to the monetary power it has. The soft power we call this soft power was actually money that was described as hard power.

– His economy will be affected, right?

Now, not only does he change his hands, but solid power changes his hands, the money goes. There is no production in America nearly completed in Europe. While China used to produce 'copy and paste' ken in the past, it itself develops technology and is not associated with it in any way. What have you done now? America says, "I won't give Huawei Android operating system." Huawei says, "After 2 years, my own operating system is released." What will he do next? Now you threaten not to give Android, but you are removing your own operating system. Then what will you threaten? So the power goes away.

– Turkey, to be guarded by you?

His tail, but I hope we get into it.

Why the queue? Now there is a conceptual stage of technology, there are two standard stages, there are three stages of transformation into products. What is the conceptual stage? The emergence of ideas and the patenting of those ideas. Second, the standard stage, these ideas, patents are transformed into standards within certain structures, then all technology manufacturers and developers develop products in accordance with those standards. Why the queue? We are not yet on the concept side. We have a teacher, Erdal Arikan … He works on the concept side. But the number of them must increase. We are not in these first two steps, we are in the third step. These standards are published and we are trying to develop products that meet these standards.

– What are they?

ATALAY: Everything tutun From the base station we try to develop all kinds of products to use on this network. But the key is to move it forward, first participate in the standards, and then move on. Be able to participate in these concepts, ideas and patents. But you cannot go here unless you are in this phase of product development.

– Now, with this 5G there will be a need for new investment, right?

ATAL: Certainly. Now the technology to move to 5G. Investing in 5G will not be all about scratching. " Already on networks that currently have 2G. I have 3G, I have 4G. Now, with 5G, 2G is already out, 3G will be significantly reduced, with 4G, 5G will work together, so this transition does not require huge investments. But that's not the goal, I think the goal is the next 6G. Here in 6G your investment in this 4G, 3G will not be worth it, they will die already. Your investments in 4G will not work to a great extent and they must be renewed.

– What will change with respect to 5G and 6G subscribers?

In my opinion, there will not be many special things that will affect the mobile phone user. Because when you say that there won't be many special things, there may be some technologies that aren't today. G With the data available today, what will change 5G in the life of a Hassan Bay mobile phone user? That doesn't change much. So if you are connecting to 10 megabytes today, you will be connecting to 15 megabytes. I don't know if you download a video in 3 seconds, you will download it in 1 second. How does this affect your life?

But when you look at business models and the business world, there will be many different areas of application. As I said, all cars will be connected. I don't know, all animals will be connected. All the devices in the house … Now, when you go to buy a standard refrigerator, it will come with a SIM card or you don't even need a SIM card, it will connect to the network without a SIM card. In this sense, this technology can greatly contribute to human life. But if you look at it as a mobile phone user, I have nothing to add to you, I tell you today. But after five years, such technology emerges: “Look, this is something that will change my life.

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