Tuesday , August 16 2022

Last minute! Scared … Here's the final situation: by Monday morning …


Altinordu, Fatsa, Junier and Kumru regions in the evening, are having a negative impact on life.

Some houses and workplaces have been flooded by puddles formed by rainfall lasting about half an hour. Along the Black Sea Road, some vehicles remained on the road because of puddles.

Citizens trying to evacuate water filled with homes and jobs with their own means, while the rest of the vehicles on the road are saved by tow.

Army governor Seddar Yavuz said in a statement on social media that the hazelnut growers should come across any negative hazelnut crop asked to stop.

Governor Yavuz said in a statement that regional governors and municipalities had taken the necessary measures related to rainfall.

Eternal Hit

The roof of some houses and schools flew because of the strong wind in the Akdush region of Horde.

Akus Mayor Isa Demirchi, said an AA correspondent, the evening in the high wind area is effective, he said.
High wind lasting about an hour, indicating that Demirchi, "Due to the high wind, it flew completely from the roof of a high school in the Seferli district. In addition, 7 in the Seferly district, Allen district 6, Kutsulu district 3 and 1 to be in the central division The roofs of 17 houses were damaged by flying. " – he said.

Kovac, a car in the area was badly damaged as a result of a falling roof, he said.

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Demirci said work began to quickly address the damage and asked citizens to take precautionary measures against new disasters.


In the evening, Giresun & Bulancak District, suppressing rain for 10 minutes, left 30 kg of rain.
The firefighters rescued citizens who were stuck in the elevator with flooded homes and power outages.

The influential summer storms in the Eastern Black Sea region had a negative impact on life in the Bulançak region of Giresun. According to meteorological information received, 30 kg per square meter after the fall of streets and streets, as well as the entrance floors of many buildings and businesses were flooded. Power lines due to failure of electricity caused by citizens to remain in lifts. Bulancak firefighters rescued citizens with intensive efforts.

After heavy rain, the old man's house flooded to rescue fire crews and medical teams. The fireman, carrying the old man on his back, carried him to the ambulance.

Meteorology WARNING

In the Black Sea region, tomorrow morning and afternoon rains and thunderstorms will be observed in the eastern regions of Sakarya, Duzce, Zonguldak and Bartin.

According to a warning issued by the Directorate-General for Meteorology, thunderstorms and thunderstorms will be observed in the Black Sea region this morning and lunch in the eastern regions of Sakarya, Düzce, Zonguldak and Bartin, lunch and dinner in the east of Samsun, Ordu and Ordu. rates as.

The rainfall is forecast to be very strong in the coastal areas of Rise and Artvin between tonight and Monday morning. Floods, lightning, hail and high winds during rainfall should be careful and cautious.

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It is estimated that heavy rain will be present locally in the circles of the Eastern Black Sea and the Horde, and strong wind will be effective in the southwestern part of Marmara, the coastal Black Sea and the Central Black Sea.

According to a message from the Directorate-General for Meteorology, the air in the northern and inland regions of Turkey will be fragmented and very cloudy in some places expected.

Weather, the Black Sea coast, the Taurus zone in the Mediterranean, Sakarya, Amaziah, Tokat, Gumushane, Artvin, Kars, Ardahan, southeast of Ankara and northeast parts of Konya, including local precipitation, are expected to be cloudy elsewhere.

Strong winds are thought to be effective on the southwest coast of Marmara, the Aegean and Central Black Sea coasts.

Temperatures across the country are expected to remain around seasonal norms.

Rainfall, sudden floods, floods, thunderstorms, local hail and high winds during rainfall must be careful and cautious against such negatives.

Thunderstorms are expected in the Black Sea region, Rise and Artvin thunderstorms along the coastal regions of Trabzon's eastern regions will be very strong and severe warnings.


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According to the latest estimates from the Directorate-General for Meteorology, Thunderstorms and Thunderstorms that will be observed in the Black Sea region, this morning and tomorrow morning to the coastal stretches of Rize and Artvin and the eastern regions of Trabzon (Of, Sürmene, Arsin, Araklı , Çaykara, Köprübaşı) will be very strong and sometimes heavy (51-100 kilograms per square meter).

He was warned to be cautious and cautious against adverse flooding, floods, lightning, local hail and high winds during rainfall.

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