Sunday , July 3 2022

Last minute! Youngirinevler's young subway citizens took off – News


The ineirinevler metrobus stopped a young metro who lost his balance at the bus stop under the vehicle.

The UAV, according to a catastrophic catastrophe, stopped at Sirinevler's metro virus at 2.30pm. It is alleged that a young man waiting at the metro station fell off the road as he approached the scales. Citizens are mobilized to help the young man under the middle wheels of the car.

Police and medical teams targeted the scene of the accident. The minibus was removed from the youth after the first intervention at the scene, taken to a nearby hospital. Learn that the injured young man is not in danger. Police teams involved in accident investigations have started work on accidents.

Safet Hepsoy told of the moment when the incident happened. Metrobus is under. Crossed over the middle wheels. When he reached the rear wheels, he suddenly fell silent. He lost his balance. He was about 19-20 years old. We called the ambulance directly. 20 minutes later, the ambulance arrived. She was conscious. He came out with the help of the citizens

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