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LAST MINUTES … Turk has been negotiated with the government for a collective agreement


Family, Labor and Social Services Minister Zehra Zumrüt Selçuk and Türk-İş Chairman Ergun Atalay met in the ministry's "Decide Morals" room as part of the negotiations for a framework protocol for collective bargaining in the public sector in 2019.

Minister Selcuk stated that the negotiation process was conducted in a highly democratic, sound culture and consultation and said: Of course, the general interest of the public is of greater interest to us than anything else in this process. we act as in the past in consensus with our unions and understanding. Thanks to this approach and the precision Turkey has over the last 17 years, we must also be aware that it has evolved to its present point. increase the Turkish economy from 2002 to 3.5 times. over the last 17 years, working close to 9 million for the economy These are important developments in our social well-being. The level of our working life is one of the clearest indicators of this. " – he said.


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Emphasizing that the value they attach to labor and the forehead is always at the heart of human-oriented works, Selcuk continued:

"We are the heirs to a tradition that treats sweat on the forehead. The issue of not infusing our workers with inflation has always been a priority. We have raised the minimum wage that protects our workers' work to 2,000 pounds this year with consent. Employer and Employer Under the direction of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a four-year continuous period is now in the works.


Minister Selcuk said he believed the Framework Protocol, which would be signed, would bring fruitful results for public workers and their families and provide the following information about the convention:

"Under the Framework Protocol, the gross wage of public workers is below £ 3,000, gross wages do not exceed £ 3,000, £ 150 are being improved. In the second six months, we agreed to increase the percentage by 4 percent, while our public workers received an increase in inflation of 6.69 percent in January, along with the price increases we agreed for 2019, the total salary increase for the whole year will reach 19 percent. for the first 6 months and 3 percent in the second 6 months, we will realize a pay increase. If we agree to these rates rise below inflation, our public workers will continue to receive the difference in inflation. "

LAST MINUTES ... Turk has been negotiated with the government for a collective agreement

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"I have nothing to say. Can I be better"

Turk-Is Chairman Ergun Atalay said that Minister Selcuk said everything that has to be said: "Today 222 days, we are talking about this day and night for 3 days. There is nothing to say. May be the best." he said.

Following the speeches, the parties signed the Framework Protocol of the Collective Bargaining Agreement for the Public Sector in 2019, which includes the financial and social rights of 130,000 public workers in 2019-2020.

Atalay after answering the room answered questions from members of the press.

"Did you meet the president during this process?" Atalay when asked: "If I had not met the President, I would not have given this figure, 8 percent would not. That is 150 percent of the 8 percent of those who spoke to him." It was the answer.


Turk-Is, raising the lowest wages to 3,000 pounds, all public workers sowed a gross 300 pounds, 15 percent in the first 6 months, second, third and fourth months of inflation plus 3 points of demand for well-being.

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