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Legend for Zeljko Obradovic and Fenerbahce Beko


Fenerbahce Beko, Europe League Round-off of Lithuania Lithuania's representative Zalgiris Kaunas in the fourth game, winning 99-82, won the 3-1 series and fifth in a row to the Final Four. This figure is the longest series of the THY European League after the Russian representative of CSKA Moscow and is the first in the career of the yellow-legged Serbian driver Zeljko Obradovic.

Both teams faced the final in the semifinals last season and our representative was defeated in the finals, defeating their opponent 76-67. This time between the two teams they faced in the playoff round of the first two games in Istanbul, the parties went away with victory. Fenerbahce Beko was the winner of two matches in Lithuania.

After the game, Obradovic began his speech, congratulating former student Sarunas Yassikevichus, who now heads Zalgiris Kaunas. Zalgiris says the excellent Kaunas season is still behind, Obradovic said, "They should be proud and I believe Zalgiris fans really understand how well they played this season."

The Serbian coach continued his words by congratulating his players: "They worked hard to reach this position and again for the final four." There are some problems during the season, not just for the current season, although several players are mutilated, and if you are a good team, you have to react and "It's great to be able to play Final Four. I want to thank fans of Fenerbahce. We had fans wherever we go, and that's very special for us. "

Today's match was two days before the game was definitely different from the match Obradovic, "both teams shot much better Our shot, as it was during the season was high but not as much as this game 70% to 70 % and 70%. "We took the troika and understood the game much better.

"We started the match wonderfully and continued the game, we opened the field well, moved the ball and deserved to win."
The yellow lacrosse Obradovic before the Final Four did not stay. Anadolu Efes was the only team in Turkish Basketball who had experience with Final Four in the European League THY. Obradovic stressed this in his statements. The experienced coach is very important to stay in the Final Four, because in the past they have never succeeded in Fenerbahce, he said. "I am very happy because we have a group of players who have been playing together for many years, and that means we are working hard and hungry. I congratulate them. They found a way and had the necessary motivation. Nothing is possible in life without motivation, especially in sports. We have to go on.

Obradovic did not forget to tell his players that the next training will take place on Saturday at 19:00.

Greek playmaker Fenerbahce Costas Sloukas had 24 assists in his playoff total of 7 assists and became the most assisting player in a series of playoffs on the history of the club. The star player after the match said he had started a good match and defending Zalgiris Kaunas and the problems of previous matches despite the problems they had started. "We checked the rhythm during the match, and that was very important, I'm proud of the team, Fenerbahce's family is in Final Four, we've been working all year round, and we deserve to be among the top four teams in Europe."

The final match of the Final Four player Ali Muhammad, who scored 25 points, was chosen. The 36-year-old player made his 31-track three-track races in 22-h, 22 of a three-point attempt to hit 15.

Saying that the game is tough, Muhammad said: "Zalgiris was a really good team and the atmosphere was great, we found our rhythm in the first half and it continued in the second half, our defense was not at the level this evening.

Sarunas Yassikevichus, one of the most special names in the history of Lithuanian basketball, continues to attract attention as the chief coach of Zalgiris Kaunas. After playing the final fours last season, the young leader of the Lithuanian team who managed to play in the playoffs this season, congratulated Fenerbahce after the match. The yellow lacivertlilerin this series in the better and more experienced Jasikevicius pointed out that the party: "I think we have the opportunity to make the third match more interesting." Today was one of our worst defense results and we paid the price. finished his comments with the words.

On the other hand, after the match, Barcelona Lasza will meet the Final Four of Anadolu Efes, the official Twitter account of Fenerbahce's greeting message, while the yellow dark blue club with the same gentleman answers the fleet.

The final four will be held in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain, from May 17th to May 19th.

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