Wednesday , September 28 2022

Less smell affects social life


It is reported that less smell causing a social life (halitosis) is caused by less than 90% of patients.

"Halitosis" From the words of the German halitus and ossis treyen and less than both man and the people around him, it gives the smell of Irish. The social problems caused by the low smell in gnmz are the problems of biological problems. Perhaps he would not be considered a sick person if he did not create a social problem, the reasons for him would not be searched, and no effort would be made to treat him.

International Medical Hospital of Samsun and Di Sal. DT. Filiz Kobleak gave information about the fragrance. DT. Dr. Filiz Kobleak, "Smell less is less than 90% of patients in the patient. The reason for the low odor is mainly caused by the oral cavity. Not only bacteria but also the little smell that is heard only in the morning is less or less in every individual, and during sleep there is no specific disease or pathological discovery that can cause halitosis. It is not necessary because it is unnecessary and even if the patient is treated, it is caused by debris in the tongue that has been altered by pathological conditions such as parodontosis and a low body. the smallest smell is the low odor. It comes from the language, but it is not the source of the bacteria. It is caused by the airways and digestive organs such as treacherous, tonsil, bosai or common tissues. Blood gases in the digestive tract increase to a little more than the individual's desire and knowledge. The individual should not. The gases present here are 0.68 ml / min while they lie at a rate of 0.12 ml / min. The individual does not know that. With this type of odor, the gastro-eyelid valve between the stomach and the esophagus will be filled with cleaner gas. This type of fragrance increases with increasing plowing. Especially children with type 2 – he said.

In some cases, it comes from the shareholder

In some cases, Dt. Filiz Kolbakr, "This is not the smell of smell, it is in the form of the first, in the lung parenchyma or in the lower respiratory tract infection (pneumonia, plural, adenite, bumps, etc.). blood swelling of aromatic gases directly exhaled air The second way is exposing the chemical gases to aromatic compounds in the exhaled air, especially in the gums, dialysis patients, dialysis patients immediately after the narcosis, low smell of pregnancy. what source of odor or p the risk is that the patient and his patient should also be able to adjust the expert consensus when removing malformations that may cause some odor. There is no pathological odor, also called psicosis, and has a slight smell in the most common condition is diabetes, smells such as acetone, sweet odor, fruit smell, ammonia in the breath and the smell of urine, sweat and kidney failure. In case of severe liver failure, the smell of ammonia is heard. In the case of gastrointestinal disorders, the smell of breath is. Sleep, smoking, depression, menopause in women, fever, systemic and metabolic disorders with dehydration cause less spice and hence halitosis. Before starting treatment, there should be a smell. Here patients, assessment experts, ENT specialist, gastroenterology specialists, such as teaming together, will certainly increase the success of the treatment. The smallest odor of smell is smaller. The effective method of treating weak odor is to clean the diet and diet. Shorter old kpr and di dentures can cause odor accumulation over time. In these cases, it is necessary to change the ones to be renewed and the necessary treatments for the missing parts. Tkrk is the way to savamann en gl with a little smell. There are also enzymes gl, bacteria bl bacteria ldrc that will migrate into the stomach to displace paracities. uncharted sakz atutt tkrk salgsn helps clean less. A short time to prevent driving should be short with a skeleton. In particular, this is a situation that needs to be addressed with the increasing drying rate. It helps directly keep the bacteria in water to a minimum. It also helps to remove the file. For the treatment of those who feel halitosis but who do not have this finding, a doctor and a psychiatrist should be included. Some patients are afraid of smell (halitophobia). Halitosis is a problem that makes the face and scene inconvenient, and it is also important that we can help them get closer and heal the snow.

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