Monday , September 26 2022

Machines vs Besiktas: 0-2 – Besiktas News


Coach Abdulla Avchi due to the large number of injured players I'm lying With a strong line-up against young players, Jeremy Lance began to run into the right-back. Necip Wusal, again as a wild card, is involved in the defense with Vida. Except Besiktas, there was no ace player except Mirin in the bench. 11 of the Black and White matches consisted of Brescia Karius-Lens-Vida-Necip-Caner-Oguzhan-Muhayer-Erdem-Quaresma-Boyd and Güven.

Contact Abdullah directlystudents, as in the previous 3 preparatory game, it was difficult to identify and find positions. Besiktas lost the press midfield while eating away while the opposing team, especially in the back of the defense, Brescia threw balls into the net introduced at position 3. Kairus & # 39; un successful positions during the first half were maintained at these positions. However, the Italian team found a goal 45 minutes from the back of the ball and Donarumma Alfredo scored 1-0 in front of the scheme.

Besiktas, living in the second half of labor to get into the position, again in the 53rd minute Donorama Alfredo scored 2-0 back to the goal. With this defeat, Besiktas ended their 4 friendly games at the Austrian camp without scoring goals.


The Austrian camp Besiktas left no injuries. After Burak, Atiba, Rocco, Ljajic, Doruhan and Medell, Necip Wusal was injured in Brescia. Necin was injured in the 30th minute of the match, was replaced by Mirin.


Besiktas, Brescia ended the match with the 12-day Austrian camp. delegation that will go to Salzburg airport after the match, he will return to Turkey by private jet to get here. Black and whites will leave for 2 days and continue to prepare for training on August 7 at 7pm.

Besiktas, D.G. The match of Sivasspor before the last preparatory match on 10 August at 20.00 with the Greek team Panathinaikos Ataturk Olympic Stadium will do.


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