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Metrobus and ferry services have increased; tunnel and bridge discount road trip


Istanbul Capital City (IMM) Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge (FSM), due to the road work of the Eurasian Tunnel and the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, has demanded a reduction in the usage fee. Metrobus and ferry services have also increased.

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The most important items in the statement are as follows:

  • 15th of July The Bridge of Martyrs in the morning, traffic is the most intense in the direction of Asia-Europe, and in the evening the additional band will be open to Europe-Asia.
  • Metrobüs weather was changed to winter schedule. There will be 300 extra flights per day on the line.
  • In the Söğütlüçeşme-Zincirlikuyu region, which is affected by heavy traffic, an additional capacity of 38,000 per day and 48,000 over the line is planned.
  • Stinye-Stick Ferry Line 106 will increase the number of ferry services to 114.
  • For Altunizade, a total of 170 trips were planned every 2.5 minutes between 07:00 and 00:00 in the morning and every five minutes during the day.
  • At the entrance of the Eurasia Tunnel, an interview was conducted with the Istanbul Security Directorate to take some precautions. The morning and evening traffic in the peak hours of the traffic control at the entrance to the tunnel narrowing of the application was agreed not to disassemble.

The full text of the description is:

Dear people from Istanbul,

Maintenance work carried out by the Highway Directorate of the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, one of the vital forces of road transport in Istanbul, began on 27 June.

Within the maintenance of the bridge, the existing asphalt and insulation layers will be removed, a steel deck will be insulated and new asphalt layers will be laid.

When it is necessary to repair the superstructure in the coming years, traffic will not be greatly affected, as only the top layer will be renewed.

In 2016, the Yavuz Bridge, Sultan Selim, is open to traffic. Fatih Sultan Mehmet BridgeBy prohibiting entry of heavy vehicles. the next asphalt repairs are expected to be done at least every 10 years.

Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbulthey used the Fatih Sultan Mehmet bridge and the martyrs' bridge July 15 during the maintenance. In order to offer various alternatives to the people of Istanbul, the Ministry of Transport will require a reduction in the charges for the use of the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and the Tunnel Eurasia.

The Istanbul Department of Transportation, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge is underway, vehicles will often turn to July 15 bridge martyrs to relax, the Highway 1 Regional Directorate wrote an official letter and agreed on the decision.

On 15 July, an additional stretch will be opened in the direction of Asia-Europe during the peak morning traffic and in the direction of Europe-Asia evening. The application of an additional band will start on July 2, 2019.

Tunnel Eurasia In order to take some steps at the entrance, the police station in Istanbul was interviewed. Morning and evening, during peak trafficto control traffic in tunnel inlets it was agreed that the band would not shrink.

The bridge is currently closed for 4 strips in the Euro-Asian direction of the bridge, and the traffic is provided by two strips on the opposite platform.

Upon completion of the construction, the 4 strips in the Asian-European direction will be closed for traffic and the transport will be provided by this platform.

During the work on the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, where 200,000 vehicles pass daily, Metropolitan Municipality in Istanbul has taken various measures to reduce the density of trafficking in Istanbul residents.

Metrobus flight intervals have been rearranged. Metrobüs weather was changed to winter schedule.

There will be 300 extra flights per day on the line.

In the Söğütlüçeşme-Zincirlikuyu area, which is affected by intensive traffic, an additional capacity of 38,000 is planned and 48,000 additional lines are planned.

For Altunizade, a total of 170 departures are scheduled every 2.5 minutes between 07: 00-09: 00 morning and every 5 minutes during the day.

In addition to increasing the number of BRT flights, maritime transport is more active.

Prior to the bridge maintenance, In the ferryboat line "True-Barred", there were 106 two-ship trips in an interval of 15 minutes. Typically, this line opens at 6:45 am and closes at 9:00 in the evening. For example, last Friday it was at 23.30 in the evening.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality monitors the search for a ferry by car. In the coming days, if there is a need for traffic density, a ferry will be added.

Strait lineBetween Eminönü-Sarıyer and Üsküdar-Beykoz there are 24 ferry services from the European side and 16 ferry services from the Asian side. The study of the Fatih Sultan Mehmet bridge found that the employment rate of these lines did not increase significantly. If necessary, adjustments will be made.

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality will continue to work in cooperation with the institutions by August 17, when the bridge maintenance will be completed to ensure that the residents of Istanbul are not affected by the traffic density.

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