Friday , May 20 2022

Muege Anli and Guven Banana Raising livestock cattle the question of what is the name of the seal in the night


  1. Müge Anlı and Güven Bana The answer to the question of what is given to livestock calf, printed in the night Haber
  2. LAST MINUTE: The emotionally busy moments in the final of the Güven Bana competition presented by Müge Anlı! Those who hear the shock … Morning
  3. Müge Anlı introduced the question of the Ottoman sultan who stamped the new part of Guven Bana Abraham called …
  4. Muege Anli and Guven Bana say, "What is the name of livestock?" The question was printed on the night of Internet news
  5. Müge Anlı has never seen anything like this before: Güven Bana is almost silent Haber7
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