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Müge Anlı was surprised by what she went through: They left her mouth open to Güven Bana …


The second part of the program, called Güven Bana, which came into the life of the show with the presentation of Muege Anli, was Tanner Yildirim and Goszé Kesici. Tanner Yilderham and Gosde Kesicchi, who began answering the questions addressed to them by saying "Bana Trust Me birbir" to each other at the beginning of the competition, forced a lot to ask ağı Calf's question and figured out what the answer would be.

Trust me in the second part of the contestants; No What is a newborn animal fed with milk? He congratulated the question. Tanner Yildhard and Gozde Kesicchi's response to the question at the beginning of the screen, and the audience in the studio, especially Mugue Anli's, attracted great astonishment.

Acun Ilıcalı does not get enough of the transfer: The Alishan Gospel has come for TV8 now!

Cüneyt Özdemir, this time a purposeful maeyma Subaşıyı yı! He put the last point …

trust me

The correct answer to the question was "Calf", and when participants responded to "Capricorn üzerine Mü", Muege Annie criticized her reaction. Muege Annie, who could not remain indifferent to her answer, broke her silence and offered to read books and stressed that they should move away from the social media.

"Listen to me, friends, avoid social media. I think it's not good for people to spend so much time in social media. I'm sorry. Because you will read books. Now you do not have to see a child, but when you read a book, the Capricorn goes there.

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