Thursday , August 18 2022

Negredo: & # 39; El Nasr Re … & # 39; – Last Minute Sports News


Negredo, who recorded 8 goals in 7 league matches at El Nasr, gave an interview about the separation process and a new team from Besiktaş in an interview with a US newspaper.

Negredo, showed that it was not easy for him to leave Besiktas, "Clubs have to do this operation, they have no choice. I am happy in Dubai now. I began to feel important again at El Nasr. Feeling my club's support and teammates fulfilled my confidence. And that makes goals come true. "Expression used.

"This is a risky choice to come to Dubai. It's not only a country but a continent is changing. It's not easy to start living in a different country, but they are very special for me and my family. And we only focus on football." in evaluation.

Experienced soccer players who expressed their progress as a team day after day, "We started winning matches and we got rid of the bottom of the score table. I felt that my friend's team trusted me. I tried to maintain this confidence in goals that I tried to frustrate." In the form the opinion is shown.

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