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New $ 284 electric motor from Xiaomi: Himo C16


New $ 284 electric motor from Xiaomi: Himo C16

Electric bicycle good warm better than the market Xiaomiadded a new one to the options offered to users in the field. Himo C16 a new electric bike, about $ 284 will be offered at such a competitive price.

The Himo C16 is a combination of electric bikes and mopeds. pedals as well as scooter models have a footrest. 48V removable battery The Himo C16 battery is located in the vertical compartment below the seat. The back is very low passenger seat and foot breaks available.

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Thanks to the basket on the front of the Himo C16 75 km single charge range He suggests. This value is available when the rear passenger seat is also full. Up to 55 km Falling. To guarantee the range in question The top speed is 25 km / h The front and back lights of the Himo C16 electric motor are powered by the main battery.

New $ 284 electric motor from Xiaomi: Himo C16
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Xiaomi's new electric motor, the Himo C16, is powered by cable instead of disc brakes. drum brakes Used. In front of the engine without suspension at the rear suspension fork Features. speed, Level of fee and odometer steering information small screen Reading.

white, black and gray Himo C16 will be available in September 19 will be available in China from that date. It is still unclear whether Xiaomi's new electric motor will be sold in other markets.

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