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New Ford Focus, 360 Co-Pilot Technology, and No Lever Shift

The New Ford Focus is here to conquer its class with Ford Co-Pilot360 technology

Focusing on the beloved Ford model, Focus has been redesigned to bring its 20-year heritage back to the future of a smart automotive world. Equipped with intelligent technology for a safe, comfortable and stress-free ride, the new Ford Focus provides a level 2 autonomous driving experience with Ford Co-Pilot360 ™ technology.


New Focus, a new car that offers high performance in the 4th generation; As a result of a human-oriented design philosophy, it promises an ergonomic, technological and user-oriented driving experience.

Ford Otosan, which said that the new Ford Focus, which will be available in November with the sedan version developed according to the needs of Turkish users, is a candidate to bring the automotive sector into the future.

"In the brand mission that we call" Smart City, Smart Vehicle ", New Focus takes a leading role and builds bridges between today's technology and the smart world of the future.

In 1998, after its launch, "Car of the Year" was chosen and set a day of significant success with total sales exceeding 16 million worldwide since the Ford Focus Designed of 4.nesl land tactics for November, in Turkey.

New Focus introduces smart technology of the future for everyone

Ford Otosan Ford Özgür Yücetürk Marketing, Sales and Sales Assistant Manager stated that Focus achieved significant sales achievements in the world,

"In the year of its launch in Europe, this year's car has been chosen as the best-selling car in the world twice, and the Ford Focus is one reason why it has achieved a high level of attention.

And today, the new Focus is heading towards a revolution! In our future vision of what our brand calls 'Smart City, Smart Tool', the new Focus takes on the leading role and builds bridges between today's technology and the smart world of the future.

A new focus is not just a new focus: it is a car that has been created and designed from the start and will bring the automotive industry into the future! One of the most important points is the new Focus and Ford, this intelligent world formed by intelligent technology is available to everyone. Today, we are launching our journey into a world where new Focus and human-oriented technology are wisely connected. Yeni

Emphasize that the new Focus is based on 20 years of customer experience and expectations, Yücetürk continues:

"The new focus is designed to appeal to the personality and passion of the driver, with a vision that places the desire and personality of the user at the center of everything we do. We focus on how to make it easier for them."

"The sedan version of Focus's new Turkish customer compliment was designed specifically for Turkey. Scratch sedans are designed as a tool from the new Ford Focus to be available in all European hardware packages, in line with the expectations and needs of our customers created with the guidance of our marketing team from entry level .

Ford, which is a very important link for our customers, constitutes 56% of our sales. Focus, therefore, is not only for Ford Otansan, a very important model for Turkey. I believe the new Focus will bring fresh air to our industry. "

Combines human oriented design, ergonomics and user-oriented features

The new Ford Focus combines technological, ergonomic and user-oriented features with Ford's "Human-oriented" design philosophy.

The new Focus exterior is very stunning, dynamic and energetic. Extending and sharpening the front grille design and LED headlamps that run during the day provide a safe and ambitious Focus display, while the horizontal headlamp design provides an integrated style. One letter F O C U S between the back lights reflects a high level style. With 53 millimeters of axis increasing and increasing by 109 millimeters, Focus now takes its place on the road as a bigger and stronger car.

The new interior design of the Focus provides a new front console that feels spacious.

Simple and clear lines, high material quality and uninterrupted continuity of surface designs enhance interior quality. Featuring a wider interior with a double panoramic glass roof, the new simplified Focus design offers a quieter environment.

Turkey custom-made sedan models, front row shoulder distance of 10 millimeters, 15 millimeters of legroom, while space for rear seat legs of 70 millimeters, 59 millimeters, increasing distance from the shoulder ensures a comfortable trip. In interior design, the volume of luggage increased by 90 liters in the sedan model to 511 liters compared to the previous model.

The Ford Co-Pilot360 gives you confidence

Featuring a number of advanced features that have not been shared with previous Ford models, the advanced technology of the new Ford Focus guarantees a comfortable and safe driving experience.

The new Ford Focus perfects the driving experience by offering level 2 autonomous drive technology in its segment. With the new Focus, Ford Ford-Pilot360 ™ technology Driving Support for the first time at Ford makes the driving experience more comfortable and safer.

Developed with the Stop & Go Function, the Adaptive Speed ​​Control System, which includes a Traffic Sign Recognition System and Lane Alignment feature, supports safe driving by protecting safe driving distances with vehicles in front of the car. This system allows drivers to focus their attention on the road by reducing stress and stress on the road and making them more comfortable behind the wheel.

New Stop & Go feature,

this ensures that the vehicle is fully stopped and the vehicle is moved automatically if the stop time is less than 3 seconds in heavy traffic. If the time stops more than 3 seconds, the driver can move the car by pressing the start button on the steering wheel or the accelerator pedal slightly.

Lane Alignment technology follows road signs and controls steering when needed to help keep vehicles between lanes. Designed to support drivers up to a maximum speed of 200 km / h, this technology also provides visual and sound warnings when the driver does not get a steering response at intervals needed by the system.

Three different driving modes, offered for the first time with the new Focus, are adapted to suit the driving conditions of acceleration, gearshift, ventilation and steering reaction.

Drive comfortably and connect with advanced technology and multimedia systems

This new Focus offers detailed comfort and innovative and sophisticated technology that helps users integrate seamlessly into their lives. A new Wireless Charging Compartment located on the center console to help keep drivers connected and avoid a crowd of cables while moving; allows users to easily charge compatible smartphones.

The pod automatically detects compatible devices to start charging. This device can also be connected to Ford Touch SYNC 8's interactive communication and entertainment system via Bluetooth when using wireless charging.

The new B & O audio system in Focus also helps users to listen to music played through smartphone devices in the best possible way. The 675 watt system includes ten speakers, including a subwoofer in the luggage compartment and speaker in the center of the dash, offering one of the best audio experiences.

The new Focus is also the first Ford model to offer a Head-up display HUD in Europe, where the driver can see information that is useful at the level of vision without looking away from the road. The screen panel reflects information, with the widest field of view and the brightest display in Europe, with degrees 6 to 2.5 degrees.

At the same time, thanks to a special filter, this will be the first of its kind to be read by users who use polarized lenses. The projected information can be selected from speed, Recognition of Traffic Signs, Adaptive Speed ​​Control, Dental Indicators, Entertainment Systems, and Emergency Notifications.

Active Parking Assistant that facilitates parking,

it is activated by pressing a button, allowing the driver to park in parallel and vertically with all the maneuvers needed to park, shift gears and control the gas brake pedal. The system determines the appropriate parking space and the driver is only allowed to move the vehicle by pressing the button on the center console. This technology also helps the driver to exit the parallel parking space by using Parallel Parking Exit Help.

With the choice of the new Focus Station Wagon body, the rear seats can be folded with buttons, using the Folding Ford Easy System. In this way, the distance of the rear seat to the front seat can be increased up to 175 millimeters to reach 1,620 liters.

Five-star security technology

Supported by a 40% increase in the power of front-end collisions in the new Ford Focus; The new design, developed on the new C2 platform and enriched with driving support technology, offers five-star security.

Ford's Dynamic LED Headlamp System, with a wide lighting area that offers angled lighting; For the first time, it creates maximum visibility by adapting the lighting area to road conditions before reaching a bend or intersection. This system can be used to track road markings of up to 65 meters; By using the front camera, the light emitted from the headlights opens to an angle and the display is enhanced. Ford is patented, the system reads road signs illuminating hazards that may arise in driving directions.

Lighting technology that adjusts the beam angle of the headlamps and the intensity of the new Focus to suit the driving environment; other drivers on the way to prevent users who are blinding and traveling night; Powered by advanced Dynamic LED headlights that offer Anti-Reflection features that help them see more roads.

Prevention Assistant Ford Collision enhanced by Pedestrian and Bicycle Detection can detect people who are on the road, or beside the road, or who may be on the road. If the possibility of a collision is detected and the driver does not respond to the warning, a system that automatically brakes can now detect the bike in the new Focus. This system also works on night trips using the headlights.

Designed to help drivers avoid accidents and disturbances; Other driver support technology is also an Emergency Maneuver Support System. This system uses radar and cameras to detect moving vehicles in the future or move more slowly. When the system detects that a collision is a matter of time, this helps the driver to simplify maneuvering so he can maneuver around the vehicle.

Wide-angle rear view camera for better visibility when retreating from the parking position; The rear of the vehicle offers a wide field of view with an angle of about 180 degrees.

High performance, efficient driving

The new Ford Focus is the most up-to-date, car lover, high performance, and fuel efficient in accordance with WLTP requirements; Advanced Ford EcoBoost diesel and Ford EcoBlue diesel engines meet strict Euro 6.2 emission standards.
This new Focus is available with a choice of 8-speed automatic transmission with the award-winning Ecoboost gasoline engine 1.0 that offers 125 PS power; The new 1.5L Ti-VCT gasoline engine with 123 PS power with 6 speed manual or automatic transmission; developed to provide high efficiency. With the power of 120 PS, a 6-speed manual transmission or an 8-speed automatic transmission; The new 1.5L Ecoblue diesel engine is also one of the choices for the new Focus high-performance engine.

1.0L EcoBoost fuel efficiency for gasoline engines and CO2 emissions; The Ford industry for three-cylinder engines is being developed using the Cylinder Deactivation System. In this system, one of the engine cylinders can be automatically deactivated when full capacity is not needed – for example in situations where the engine is not expected to do too high. technology; it can deactivate or deactivate the cylinder in 14 milliseconds – up to 20 times faster – without sacrificing performance.

In the new Focus model offered with Ford's new 8-speed automatic transmission; Enhanced fuel efficiency and high performance are also available. 8 PSD Automatic Transmission with EcoLoost EcoLoost and PS 1.1 PS 1.1L EcoBlue 120 PS; evaluate individual driving styles to optimize gear shift timing.

According to data obtained from the new Ford Focus, Ford works in all series; The new WLTP provides 10 percent fuel efficiency and increased CO2 emissions according to measurement standards; The 4-door focus offers the best aerodynamic value in its class with a friction coefficient of 0.250 and 0.273 in the five-door Focus model. Fuel efficiency is further enhanced by reducing weight to 88 kilograms compared to benchmarks similar to the previous Focus model.

New Ford Focus; sedan, hatchback and body wagon station; trendx; The level of Titanium and ST-line hardware with the recommended turnkey selling price of 135,000 TL; Car lovers meet in November in Turkey.

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