Wednesday , September 28 2022

News: Galatasaray transmits news – Galatasaray's transfer happened during the bombing – News – Breaking News


The latest development in Galatasaray continues to live. The transfer to Galatasaray, the transfer of the result did not occur when the new names turned to. Alan and Pato are transferred to the young striker Tetch, who was moved to a rough one. Here are the latest events from the transfer of Galatasaray Galatasaray. Spaniard's 21-year-old Spaniard Benjamin Tetchin Nun in Prague Sasha Empacher summed up the transfer situation. I Tetteh ranks first in Fatih Terim's list, says Empacher. We agreed with Galatasaray, Empacher said.

Here are the other descriptions of Sascha Empacher İşte

In the Czech press, the press in Ghana and did a lot of news about football in Turkey, but Tetteh's manager. Benjamin Tetch is a really good top scorer and Fatih Terim is aware of this and is on the teacher's transfer list. The player wants Galatasaray a lot, we've done everything we can and we have reached an agreement with the club, now the last word is in Sparta Prague. Galatasaray's proposal is slightly below, but there is no gap, and both sides are very close to the deal. This transfer probably looks like.

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