Monday , November 29 2021

Nurgul Yeshilchai was a completely different person for the new role!


Nurgul Yeshilchai, who will star in Selcuk Aydemir's movie titled "Friends of the Quarter," released in 2015 and which has been on the bestseller list for quite some time, has acquired a completely different type.

Alper Kulla will share the lead role in "Friends of the Quarter" Ilknur hero will give life to Yeshilchai as the role gained the image of being overweight. He uploaded a pose he gave with his rotating pin on Instagram with the note, Akşam You know how to sleep in the evening the You know how to get up in the morning‼ ️ no.


The famous actress, thick lines to look round lines, were attached and fashion from the 90's, perm hair.

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