Saturday , February 4 2023

Phones with more than 10 GB of RAM are standard


According to the report published by DijitTimes, phones with 10 GB or more RAM will become more common. This statement is not too hard to believe, because over the years we have seen 10 and 12 GB of RAM.

As the report progresses in 2019, the devices will be very widespread, with a large amount of RAM. For now, it is believed that only 10+ GB of RAM that we encounter in the models we can call the leader will come to the middle level and will be useful for tasks such as artificial intelligence, neural network, multiple camera modules, support voicemail images that were not on any phone.

The fact that high amounts of RAM become standard, actually happens for some time. Only a few years ago, even 4 GB RAM is not needed for every phone, and now we have 6 GB of RAM, even for devices that can be considered cheap. Apple has used 1 GB of RAM on all devices for a very long time and still manages to operate the system smoothly. This situation, however, began to change with the occurrence of the above mentioned features and the relatively low RAM.


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As the smartphone market has reached saturation and stagnation compared to previous years, we do not know how much 10+ GB of RAM will be activated. Consumers, however, do not attach too much importance to the technical characteristics and do not think the device does what they want.

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