Monday , September 26 2022

Prostate Nonsurgical Solution – Calendar


Prostate which complaints why not?

Patients at night often urine Sharing sleep with needs, diuresis increase in frequency, sudden congestion in the urine, difficulty releasing urine, influx of urine speed reduction, ıkınarak urination, intermittant flow and urine inability to empty as there are complaints.

Treatment of drugs in the prostate Not enough?
The drug treatment is successful, but it does drugs do not stop the progression of the disease. They do not benefit from drug treatment, Complaints worsen quality of life, frequent urinary infection patients or in the development of a stone disease, impaired renal function in patients, surgical treatments agenda He is coming. Surgical treatments are basic endoscopic and open surgery as can be divided into two.

Designed for the prostate What is the new method of treatment?
coretherm called recently a non-surgical method of treatment pays attention. Thermal base This is a new generation special probe in treatment Microwave energy of the prostate with the help of Done. Without anesthesia applicable in the operating room no application time required very briefly, the existing additional diseases of the patient It can be administered without prejudice and sexual side effects to surgery CoreTherm which is very low compared to US and European Union in the treatment of BPH is widely used in countries.

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