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PUBG Mobile, which has a wide base of players in our country as well as around the world, has reached a new version for low-end smartphones. It can be downloaded for some time became active in Turkey PUBG Mobile Lite in India. PUBG Mobile Lite Google Play Store can be downloaded from.

Mobile Lite can be downloaded by PUBG Turkey

Following the popularity of PUBG Mobile, it launched the Lite version to make it more compatible with more devices. PUBG Lite, which was first introduced in the PC version, is now available on mobile devices. Mobile Lite PUBG Turkey became active for. now, PUBG Mobile Lite Google Play can be downloaded from.

The game is said to offer the same experience to everyone without compromising the game experience, and the low memory smartphone wants to enjoy PUBG.

The Lite version has some differences from the standard version. These include a limit of 60 players and a smaller card. PUBG In the Lite version, which supports the style of play, games are limited to 10 minutes. This paves the way for more dynamic meetings.

Designed for devices with an installation package of only 400 MB and less than 2 GB RAM, the version is designed to be streamlined for all games.


What are the features of PUBG Mobile Lite?

Improved targeted assistance in the new version it turns out. This makes it easy to target even under poor network connection conditions.

Replacing the Royal Pass Winner Pass, allows quicker activation of breast locks. The winner program also takes a month.

PUBG Mobile Lite offers a cleaner shot even on a bad network, with increased bullet speed and the disappearance of the bullet drop effect.

The new anti-firing mechanism Lite available version. This also makes it easier to control the game in poor connection conditions. Different weapons have different pulling forces.

in the game Kill Time time is increasing. This makes it easier for players to survive close combat. This makes the overall experience more aggressive.

The snipers can be seen on the mini-map. This speeds up the fighting.

Healing on the move is also included in the Lite version. Players can recover as soon as they don't stop. In particular, this allows for improved latency and increases the pace of the game.

In smaller maps, building density and crate frequency increase. This accelerates the advance of the booty and the fight.

Optimized map quality and a parachute loading screen are also added to the game.

Finally, players can use new weapons in some game modes, which will give them a chance to develop new offensive and defensive tactics.

PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 is over

PUBG Mobile can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. While the company is working on development, tournaments continue.

Divided into two periods, spring and fall, with a total prize pool of $ 2.5 million PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 The global finals of the spring tournament were also over. Participates in China TOP EXPORT team took first place out of 15 opponents and received 180 thousand dollars and BAPE x PUBG MOBILE the champion also won his clothes.

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