Saturday , December 5 2020

Quick Free 4 iOS App

Like every week, we are back here with our series of applications that are free for a short time this week.

In our series uz Free x short term ücretsiz, we continue with four apps that are free from April 23rd. If you like, let's go to our list.

FISHI – Fisheye Camera

Normal price: 5.83 TL

The app comes with four fish eye lens options that you can use in your photos and videos. Each lens offers a different color option and the lenses are pink, yellow, blue and gray. This is a very useful app for our users who want to have different photo and video experiences.

  • FISHI – Fisheye Camera


My Thanksgiving Journal

Normal price: 17.44 TL

For a brief summary, the app lets you save a diary in your phone. The app lets you add photos and emoticons to your diary. This user-privacy app is perfect for users who want to keep their diary on their smart devices or keep their beautiful moments.

  • My Thanksgiving Journal


Sheep Legion 2

Normal price: 5.83 TL

For Sheep Legion 2, this is an enhanced version of the world's most popular legionary sheep game. The game is a strategy game for a single player based on a rank-based system. The game does not support Turkish.

Handy Measure – Measurement Tool

Normal price: 29,11 TL

This app, similar to the measurement feature found on iPhone, allows you to measure the size of the subjects you hold on the camera. The app also shows the distance from the object from which you took the picture. This app, which can even measure the length of the building, is very useful.

  • Handy Measure – Measurement Tool


We have reached the end of the free application for this week for a short period of time. Expect to be immediately informed about these and other opportunities.

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