Tuesday , June 15 2021

Reasons for Elderly Psychology

Assistant. Dr Ridvan June, in connection with the causes that disturb elderly psychology, "Age, as a mature age, body and mind, most of the irreversible problems, the final stage of life can be considered. their life experience in general, consider the events to be much different. Ekrüb Aging is the physical process of the body since birth, more physically, ie.

The age of shortening the length, hearing problems, reduced vision, delayed organ function, skin changes, reduced movement and constraints, and a variety of health problems that describe the Asist period. Assoc. Dr. In the base is said, zorluk It may be hard to forget about new things. It is important to adapt to the aging situation. Today, human life, the availability of drugs, the treatment of many diseases with different methods, various aesthetic methods and physical activity and physical exercise are prolonged, making them more careful, he said.

Average life expectancy in Turkey; In the 1960s, the average value was 48, and today it is about 72 years. Assistant Professor Dr. Junie also said that women live six years longer than men.

Chief Assist. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nahore, the causes that disturb psychology in the elderly are listed below:

Difficulties in perceiving the loss of distress, hearing and vision due to the high number of physical illnesses, reduced mobility due to reduced mobility, more deaths by age, loss of husbands and wives, forgetfulness and psychological problems caused by aging caused by dementia , behavioral problems, children and grandchildren; because of their work and schools, their inability to visit them, their visits to their children, to support their children, to see their children as a burden, to see them as a burden and to be unable to work. or economic difficulties due to retirement. "

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