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Rebellion of Umt's Oz in Pote: "One day's friend"

Adana Demirspor Technical Director Ümit Özat, in the press release after the match, first of all thanked the party that did not leave them alone.

They did not get a good result, but a bad result that echoes Ozat's exit, said the chances are equal.

Ozat said it was important not to eat goals in two-legged games. "Sometimes you play very well, you are disappointed with this result. Chances are equal, even if they take precedence over the audience. For the first time we will not play in front of the audience or far. We come out with the best staff we can get out of here. Our goal is to be in Istanbul. Hoping to prepare and return to a good result, "he said.

In evaluating the status of Poet Ozat, Poet is in the middle. I'll talk to her one by one. Nothing matters where you eat your bread. We are Muslim alhammulli. Here, 20,000 of the party that spends the financial effort of the team. One day you keep friends, it is not difficult. I will not let a city play fate. I have to be a little more sensitive. We could be defeated today. Kim der Poti fast, Ahmet fast, post Mehmed.

Judges in the event are a little more responsive and repressive, which should be transferred to Ozat, the referee of the match reacted to Okkyaya Halis.

Palut: We found positions, we were unable to score goals

Technical Director Hatayspor İlhan Palut at a press conference after the match: "We found positions we failed to mark." he said.

Palut, the first match to return to his own area of ​​pursuing the score, he said.

Spade starts well and the ball is on their side but at the end of the press that says Demirspor Palut Palut, "Here we have completed the first half draws thanks to the defense of our defender and goalkeeper. We found positions that failed to score goals. A score of 0 değ0 from the first game is never an advantage. The tour continues in the middle. Let's finish our shortcomings in this game and fight much more than the second match and play football much better, especially in the league regions so much that the city wants to make the trip to the Super League final.

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