Sunday , June 20 2021

Responding to the construction of the hotel to fabulous chimneys

Nearly 2 million tourists visited the region of Cappadocia during the year, the position of Messi on the Museum Road near the fairy chimneys about 2 months ago began the construction of the hotel. The hotel is expected to be completed in 5 months. The hotel, consisting of 2 buildings next to each other and the rough structure of the hotel, attracted viewers' response. Many critical comments were made in the social media about the construction of the hotel in the area of ​​Cappadocia, which is included in the agenda with the claims that it is open to construction.

"Construction project started"

Goreme Mayor Nuri Chingil said the hotel was built as part of the building plan and said:

"These structures in our Goreme are being researched and solved by our municipality, not only news for national and local news but also for murder and mud accusations." Municipal architects and engineers have studied the projects and the construction has begun with a construction license.


In Göreme they said they did not permit illegal construction within the city's protected area and said: "If there are people involved, the necessary institutions for illegal construction are doing the necessary actions within the legal framework. Although the plan is being implemented by the authorized institutions and organizations, this plan is approved.

Hotel owner: We received the permits

The owner of the hotel, which is under construction, said that the basement and the ground floor are built on the first floor. MK, "We made the application after we filled in the necessary documents from all the authorities before we started the construction and started the construction. About 3 to 5 months to finish the construction. There are ongoing complaints, we started yesterday evening, filed for the necessary authorities, filed a criminal complaint.

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