Thursday , August 18 2022

Return to Konya Aykut Kocaman & # 39; a Sevgi Seli


Super League Sports Team Toto Atiker Konyaspor & # 39; un in principle reached the agreement of coach Aykut Kocaman, welcomed enthusiastically in Konya.

Kocaman went to Konya to sign an official contract, meeting with intense interest from fans at Konya Airport. Hundreds of fans are burning torches, Kocaman is shown in a love show with cheers.

Aykut Kocaman, to meet him to chat with fans, take photos. Great, told reporters here, once again at the excitement of being the Atiker Konyaspor 'ta word.


It is an honor for him to face the strong interest of fans who transfer Kocaman, saying:

"There is a place where we leave Konyaspor, we want to capture that level again and then we want to be able to put more on it. We have a beautiful day and we have a growing and developing team. We don't know what will happen, Lord know the days to come. This is a great honor to be fulfilled in this way.

Aykut Kocaman, then move to the hotel where the city will stay. Kocaman, today at the ceremony, will sign an official contract.

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