Sunday , June 13 2021

Review by Burak Yilmaz and Quaresma

Sports Lotto The Super League at the 19th week in the Besiktas area hosted BB Erzurumspor. The match ended with a 1: 1 draw.

The Black and White team judged the fight after the match, technical director Martin Günes, "We came to the field to win, the control was inside, we tried to prevent the opponent from trying to play the game, in which case the event in the second throw the match, during the second half of the affected pass, we put more golden positions that we could catch, our superiority did not affect the result, and today we played a race for us.


Appreciating the Quaresma's red card, assessing Senol Gunes, "the player's situation and the manager's transfer, the quest was more effective Quaresma da Lens de." Both as a game are not very negative, but as a result of the adversary's difficulties "The situation in a phalanx does not justify it properly," he said.


Gun in the middle of the field indicating that the sun's loss "until you go to the top in the middle field lost.When you return to the middle of the top of Adem's biggest losses in this case is difficult.In that case defense.Adriano also there is a lack of training and we tried to move the attacker thought, "he said.

The comments of olenol Güneş and Mehmet Özdilek at the end of the season


Gökhan Torre and Tolga Arslan, who are also on the agenda to talk about Señel Günse's division, "Teore and Tolga is not a topic." The decisions are being ruled, and we were not champions last year. Our skill and talent had to go ahead and we had problems using the ball well, "he said.

"Burak Gracle" Good, but not as Physics "

In the heart of Neopt's defense, he speaks of the Sun's preference, "the defense is not right to change the teams like us." I did not hesitate between Medell and Nechipus, and I looked at Nepis, who was successful, and Mirin was forced to leave. Dorian were left alone. "Adam would have played as we wanted, but he could not play the performers." These are the things we always think, but disability and performance can be the cause of these changes. "Mirin's change was an additional situation. decide and write my own a solution for yourself, "he said.

"We are looking for our own business"

Senol Gunes will win the pitch: "We are looking for our own business We will go to the field to win every game We want to be in this race by winning every game But today we are failing This is still the goal of the club. applies to all major teams, "he said.


Speaking to spokeswoman Ricardo Quaresma that the team wanted to leave the team, the words ended: "Hocaların the idea of ​​the idea, but the management of the decisions." The technical side of the player also gets the economic side, these are things that are in our inner world. We went with Pepe, Babeel left, it's not right to tell them one by one, I'm telling you about the technical players.

Last-minute statement by Serdar Aziz

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