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Rize news 2-year-old Melissa 32-year-old kidney kid


Born in Rise, 2-year-old Melissa Kahn was diagnosed with kidney failure when she was in the womb. Doctors are "a miracle to live" they call the little girl, the 32-year-old father, the kidneys of Asim Khan Dan, transplanted in life. Uterine, kidney kidney, 4 times the amount of complete recovery.

The pair of Asım and maeyma Kan, who live in Rize, learned that two years ago they would have a daughter. Maeyma Kan (29) reveals the kidney cyst of the 5-month-old baby. Doctors, "the miracle of the baby's life," offered the mother an abortion. The moment she heard her baby's heart, Jamma Kahn said she had to live and gave birth to her daughter Melissa. Melissa has been diagnosed with chronic renal failure after birth, and the kidneys have become too small to be seen under ultrasound. For Melissa, whose creatine levels increase, the family heads to Istanbul. After the tests, a decision was made for Melisa before starting dialysis treatment. Two-year-old little girl, 32-year-old father Asım Kan's kidney health. Specialist in General Surgery Op. Dr. Volkan Turunç, Melisa's kidney is four times larger than his own kidney, he said.


Asim Kahn, who said he had a very different feeling and had difficulty expressing them, said he had happily entered the operation for his daughter. There is nothing to fear from dialysis treatment. You donate life. The operation was very easy. I said that they think of a kidney transplant for Melissa before the onset of the father's blood: "I want people to visit the center of this surgery to find dialysis empathy, people will see the suffering of people there after donating organs," he said he comfortably.

"They said the miracle of life"

Mother maeyma Kan said they had two difficult years and explained the problems they had during and after pregnancy:

"Doctors," the baby will not live after birth, you can take it, the first child does not have to take that risk, "he said." I heard my baby's ultrasound heart in the face of such a thing I did not think. I will surely bring him to the world. "I thought he was trusting.


After being born in the intensive care unit for 20 days, Melissa's creatine levels are increasing from time to time, indicating that maeyma blood, "Melissa is behind her peers. Can not grow and height does not grow. Appetite is also a serious problem. I went to Dr. Volkan Turunch through the social media, we came to Istanbul, and after the examinations, my wife's kidney was found to be appropriate, I sent my wife and child to the surgery. It was an emotionally difficult process, but now my daughter is recovering. I've never heard that Melissa wants to eat, that's a very good feeling for us. "Nak's transplantation is a miraculous thing because families, if they have facilities and donors, think about transplantation with good doctors. health is very good. We thought it would become harder, but never We do not have such a difficult process. We definitely have to give importance to organ donation. Bodies should not be soils, people get life and life, "he said.

"We did not transported in the groin but in the abdomen"

Medicana lamlıca Specialist in General Surgery Op. Dr. Volkan Turunc explained the difference in surgery from other kidney transplants with these words:

"The Melissa donor was her father. We transplanted a kidney four times more than our own sick kidneys. This surgery had some surgical risks due to the small size of the child's body. The experience of the surgery and anesthesia team is very important. In this surgery the kidneys of the adults are large and the child's veins are small, so it was not possible to place it in the groin area. So we transferred the kidney to the abdomen and connected it to the main vein and arteries of the body.

The operator says surgery has surgical risks. Dr. Volkan Turunc said they were coordinated with the anesthesia team. It is therefore necessary to work in harmony with the anesthesia team during the operation, "he said.

5,000 CHILDREN chronic renal failure patients in Turkey

Chronic kidney failure is about 5,000 patients in Turkey, indicating that the kids Open. Dr. Turunç recalled that these children had severe growth and development delays unless they were transplanted. Specialist in General Surgery Op. Dr. Volkan Turunch, "Approximately 5,000 children from 2,000 to 2,000 500 are candidates for kidney transplantation." "A lot of the bodies waiting for the bodies." Unfortunately, many children are waiting in vain for our patients, Melissa will continue to grow without no difference from peers after a successful transplant, "said Melissa. Local news news section at legal addressee, news source are agencies.

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