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said Asik Weisel's daughter to her father


The pupil of Basher, the eldest of his children, Ashik Weisel Shatiroglu, said his father lost two eyes at the age of 7 because of smallpox. Baser "The left eye saw a little. However, one day he swept the barn after the cow lost its horns," he said. His mother, Gülizar & # 39; ın Aşık Veysel sevdalandandığını, though he told his family to marry Zehra Başer, & quot; My father, my mother wants to marry Gülizar, but the family does not. My mother & quot; will take Aşık Veysel & # 39; i. The family does not see the couple, they cannot plant, they do not see the eyes, the experts do not lend a hand. "But my mother marries my father. My father's voice, sazının, influenced by my mother's knowledge, falls in love, marries. My mother always said, 'I have Weisel, I have 6 children, I have a home, no one in this world.' I'm not happy "My father loved my mother 'mother of 6 children'.


Zehra Bazer, his father Asik Weisel, always tried to be an example of the record: "There was a garden under our house. Every year it would come. Flood would come, it would take straight. The peasant would come and help. He had no reputation. Father he was very smart, he took us a lot, he took us out of the village for the first month, he worked as a teacher in Hasanoglan, and when my mother stayed with 6 children, he wrote letters to my father and he sent a letter to my father. writes a letter to the manager who sits in the evening, says "I received the letter to face the court again, he Apis ways to come. "Letter to bed manager. Read" Falling morning, "says the director.


Seeing his father Ashik Weisel's heart, Zehra Basher said, “I knew all my father's folk songs, but I forgot. He played games with us all the time. Gellin Let's draw kids to high-light. We were saying the Turkish song, he would come back, he would see with his heart. When he came to his poem, he would print my father. Sometimes he said there was light in his left eye. When the cow shook its head as it swept the barn, its horn came in the eye, he did not see it, he never wanted his eyes to open, he did not rebel, he said, "Let's open your eyes," I said, "no." What if I opened it, the world always told me "light" Indie spoke.

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