Tuesday , March 21 2023

Samsung Galaxy Book S


A technology giant based in South Korea SamsungNew hybrid model laptop Samsung Galaxy Book S She appears.

Because the name itself is also a known source of leaks Evan Blas found by Samsung Galaxy Book S, A really stylish model laptop. There is a relatively thin frame and a case that cannot be said to be thick. USB-C and power port She wears. The product has a keyboard without a special numeric keypad, The touchpad does He suggests. The front camera comes with predictions that the upper bezel will be quite light for a positioned laptop. So, how are the technical details of this model? The power of the product appeared on leading phones Snapdragon 855 from the processor. This processor and 8 GB RAM with Geekbench last week, not an Android device Windows 10 operational system The use of. Bluetooth recording Bluetooth 5.0 With the battery, the product seems to stand out especially with its battery life. Similar products Provides more than 20 hours of battery life and here Galaxy Book SIt is said to be close to 25 hours.


The Samsung Galaxy Book S can carry a touch screen

However, we do not yet have specific information on this. The laptop, which is expected to carry S Pen support if the screen touches, seems to launch very, very soon. There is no explanation for the price of the laptop that will replace the Galaxy Book 2. However, the price is certainly not too high.

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