Tuesday , August 16 2022

Samsung official Galaxy Note 10 cases expired!


Samsung August 7 Unpacked Event at Galaxy Note the last details of his family continue to be revealed. Today is Samsung The official brands of the Galaxy Note 10 have appeared.

Samsung official Galaxy Note 10 cases expired!

Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus models with little time for detail presentation continue to emerge. With the last three days to launch, the new one galaxy all the details of the family came up.

Released earlier this year Galaxy S10 As in the series, the new one unpacked The event will also feature Samsung's official cases. New leaks appear colored silicone caps, leather cases and Cases for LED lights examined in detail.

Samsung official Galaxy Note 10 cases expired! - ShiftDelete.Net (13)

Wide range of colors with touch panels and LED lights. Although the silicone sleeves do not have any characteristics, the leather coated sleeves have a slim touch panel at the front. especially star The new black back cover design can be the choice of many users with its illuminated model illuminated in different places.

Also a company Clear View Scissors and old LED view design will not present this year. Samsung LED wallet and S-View the options also seem to be available to users at the new launch. Whether Samsung has another plan for the Galaxy Note 10 Unpacked event is unclear, but it may have a collaboration with Microsoft.

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