Monday , September 26 2022

Scary scenario for Bitcoin: Analyst Mahmudov tells


Many experts? Bitcoin $ 3,500's are over $ 3,000 and it's very important to avoid $ 2000. Bitcoin, who has moved to the $ 3,450 – $ 3,550 group in the last week, is currently switching hands from $ 3,450.

According to Crippian Money Analyst Murad Mahmudov, interest in Bitcoin on Twitter has declined significantly over the past 14 months.

Twitter is the most used platform for researchers, developers, and cryptographic vendors.

This decline in interest and participation shows that even individuals and businesses that have been in the industry for a long time have no interest in the sector.

Mahmoudov says:

The bells ring for Bitcoin. Bithoin tufis are at the same level as 2014 and lower than any time in 2016. I think this is an absolute disaster for prices in the medium term

Change Twitter posts on Bitcoin over time

In the short term, sales may continue to rise as Crippto Money analysts find that the bear market in the crypto money sector will last longer than expected.

As CCN reports, the current bear market in the crypto money sector is the longest bear market in the history of crypto-money.

When speculation ends, and only true believers remain in the sector, Mahmoudov said, adding that an appropriate bottom line would be created for the sector:

Org Except for those who believe in truth, there is a need for complete fatigue in price and attention. Sales will increase when people realize that the winter of the Crypto money market will take more time than they expect or buy at a lower price in the future.

News: CCN

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