Monday , May 16 2022

Scientists take action … They'll cure cancer


Turkish scientists conduct a study that can cure two types of cancer. If everything is complete, this method will make great progress in the treatment of breast and pancreatic cancer. By changing stem cell genetics, scientists are trying to create an automated system in which one can repair their own cells, and the study will be presented to the world of health when it becomes the most reliable.

He gave information about the research done at the Genesis Diagnostic Center of the University of True. Teacher. Members of the board. Ayça Zeynep Akülke, "We work on genetically modified cells of the immune system, we take these cells from the human immune system, we aim to change their genetics and turn them into intelligent cells that recognize cancer cells.


"There are very intense studies of blood cancer in the world, but we're working more on breast and pancreatic cancer as a laboratory," he said. Teacher. Members of the board. Ayça Zeynep Akülke continued:

"Changing the cell's genetics is very new, but this is a technology we all need to learn the details." The field of application is very high, we can use it in many things, but there is a background we do not know. we're working on GM systems to make it the safest and most reliable.


In light of the research conducted in Turkey at present is about 100,000 cases of cancer, which is expected to reach 300,000. Unfortunately, cancer is becoming more widespread. Teacher. Members of the board. Aysa Zeynep Akülke, "This is the fear of the new generation of diseases, and we aim to create side treatments for these treatments, we want to be able to create an automated system that can repair our own cells," he said.


Stem cells restore cells in the body. Member of the faculty. Özgür Tataroğlu said: "When there is a breakdown everywhere in our body, these cells go there and recover, but when there is a genetic disease and a mutation, it is difficult for these cells to perform their functions, and we try to eliminate these damage in the research here. "

10 billion markets

For this purpose, they use different tools to edit a gene, notes Dr. Member of the faculty. Free Tataroğlu, "We can make the changes we want from the genetic structure of each cell using these techniques." The development of these techniques, investments must be made because gene regulation is a market of about $ 10 billion worldwide. all products coming from abroad in Turkey.If these products even come, this is not the level that people can use now because there are security measures that need to be added to the tools for editing genes, "he said .


Dr. Member of the faculty. Ozgur Tataroglu concluded his words as follows:

"We do them in the lab and send them after their design – they make the changes that we want in DNA – for example, if a genetic disease lacks a copy of this gene, we can add it, or if there are multiple copies problems, the other copies, in fact, it is one of the most important applications, and it is also used in biotechnology, industry and agriculture.

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