Thursday , November 26 2020

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Pointing out that temporary prices do not differ from the summer and winter months, Bursa Auto Galician Hakan Yank, the work room minister, said that Internet prices are higher than galleries.

People waiting for the price of the car in the hands of time, Bursa Auto Galician Odas, made by washing, were made. Compared to the year of sales of mid-range cars made in the car TV discount with the scntya sign, showing that the financial strength of the second car is still in the second hand, he said.

Yank said bahar There was a change in prices and sales compared to the season El Holiday was sold as a holiday, but now the car is no longer a means of investing in people's needs. Now the price of prices, dmesi, dvizin, altnn and sfr, is the effect of interruptions. but our expectations are good, "he said.

"Art cheap to find cheap"

Yanc said there are no cheap cars: "There is an unknown reason in Turkey, and second-hand prices are wrong, second-hand prices are still at the same level, car prices, the dollar and bank loans have eliminated the car's calculation.

"Gallery prices are cheaper than the Internet"

According to Yank, who will be responsible for research and sales on the Internet, we will look at the engine, engine and bonnet at the same time. Everyone puts it. No market share better than my search prices are better. The prices are thus astronomical figures. Our prices are less than the Internet "min" in the form of housing.

Market prices on the market from 10,000 pounds to 5060,000 pounds, indicating that the sale of Yank's arrows: "It's not a bad thing between them, between sales, rabbet automatic, diesel and model breaks," he said.

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