Wednesday , February 1 2023

Serrad Ali Chelkerler: This Eliminator Yalna Eliminator!


Fenerbahce's staff are really incompatible, chemistry is broken. 9 of 11 transfers from .. (Ferdi and Berke) The worst transfer to this epidemic. Ali Koch's football project has already collapsed at week 15. 3 coach in 15 weeks is already a punishment. 6 days before the end of the transfer by Victor Moses, the attack can not be carried out. I always say that if a striker with 8 points and a goal scorer is not taken, this team is a team. The new games of Malatya and Göztepe are also very difficult to cross. You can not win a game if you can not score.

Slimani called garbage, and in any match against Ummanievist did not take advantage of two net shots. Fenerbahçe's man will now have more than 4-5 points, and the cup does not get that terrible result. But Ali Cock and his beloved spiritual brother, Demin, do not think of a centrifuge, he wants to take the deed of Ay. So there is no football mind and the worst is that there is a president who can not see that this mind needs to change.

OK … Let's not stop criticizing President Koch and his spiritual brother Demin, say, "If you are not an assailant and do not do 8, you really have to fear a fall." Ancaaak. Umraniyespor's defeat in the morning from the morning to the evening of Ersun Yanal's wrote. Ersun Yanal was clear in the classroom. Bursa's match, "The man will change the footballer," we said, but Umarani's two games to defeat Yanna wrote.

There was no need to say it was. You do not need to say: "Frey is not injured," "Scrtel was not." Slimani-Frey-Valbuena and Ayew 4 inactive players like the field, even if you exit Umraniye and you can not establish superiority. After entering the game, Diar played amazingly well and Benny was doing well. Besides, there was a little volcano and a little volcano. He is not another creative player except Valbuena This is a separate requirement to strengthen but yesterday's match can not be explained.

I say clearly to Ersun Yalal is Hodja, you have returned as a career in the adventure of Trabzonspor. If you do not get positive results in this adventure, your career will recover well. Hiiic, "I have not made this team."

There can not be a team that does not help. You can not communicate with people who do not believe each other. And you did not get it. Instability continues.

I think you will have to create an intelligent team in the shortest way. First you need to build a solid, tight team. In the 2012-13 season you should not try to make a 4-2-4 series as if you had a team.

In the new game of Malatya, we have to see the "side-mind". Otherwise the terrible energy this year will take away with you, my teacher.

Do not look at Yalal's poor performance, and do not move Moses out. If the Malatya match will be a turning point for Ersun Yanal, the game of Goethepe will also be a turning point for you. Take the striker and number 8; get the ball completely.

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