Monday , September 26 2022

Sharing Aeshen Gruda, who touches Ali Sunal


Legendary Sunal 41-year-old son of Green Sun, Ali Sunal, Aishen Gruda, who died for his life in social media, shared his followers with the message of his followers.

The son of Kemal Suhnal al-Shunal was touched by the 74-year-old Aeschen Gruda, who shared his eyes.


Famous actress Ali Sunal added a note from her social page to Aeshen Gruda and her father, Kemal Sunal, in the movie paylaş The King of the King. Sunnal touched his followers with this sharing.
alisunal1"I've stayed one now"

The wife of the late Kemal Sunal, Rose Soual, also shared a photo and released the note Beer Now this is the only one I have left. Here is the sharing of Sunal;

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