Monday , June 14 2021

Someone in the army was attacked by a pig!

Adult man is attacked by wild boar while working in the garden in the province of Ordu

The incident happened in the district Sarayköy district Ayvacık hazel in the garden occurred. According to the information provided in the garden of hazelnut Fikri Yazici (74), about 150 kilograms of wild boar were attacked.

Yazici, who originally thought the wild boar was an animal, grazed in the garden, was shocked when he turned. Lost the old man's equilibrium, who fell into the hole in the pit, he returned to get rid of the pig. Noticing that the pig is even more irritated, the printer said to the pig, Yazıcı Come on, what do you want from me? He let me go and he said the pig had stopped attacking him. The printer describes these points as follows:

Gel When I was working in the hazel garden, I came, I came, I did not hear you come. When I looked, I knew it was a pig. When he hit me in the head, he threw him into the canal. When I came into my right leg, I cried out and cried out. Then I started to ask the pig. En What do you want from me, honey? Leave me, not Benny, and then leave me. In fact, I was more angry when he hit him for the first time, but when he asked, he let me in

Yazıcı injured in his right leg, 112 emergency teams removed from the State Hospital Ordu were treated.

On the other hand, it was claimed that the same pork attack had been committed by another person after the incident but the citizen survived the tree.

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