Wednesday , September 28 2022

Stop with the dollar?


Turkey market continues positive separation from the world. a sharp decline in a nine percent cut in risk from Turkey last week, which has seen a limited drop in interest rates. 5-year CDS declined to 310 and returned back in August.

While the dollar rose 1% against the dollar, the dollar fell to 5.27 and fell to the second low in the post-August period.


The Exchange made a premium on a floor of the emerging markets. Number of developed markets more than emerging markets from 1.4% primlenirk week Turkey Stock Exchange rose 3.1 person. 4% increase in dollar terms. The stock market escalation, which began with banks last week, went on to industrial reserves last week. While the share premium of the Bank remained at 1.4%, the performance of industrial shares rose to 4.8%.

Brent oil jumped around the last day of the gold week, with about $ 60. Over $ 1,300 The daily increase below 1.305 is up to 1.8%.

Global Market Markets for Capital Development

– Develop a premium in case of advanced exchanges global capital directed to these markets was effective.

-Turtia in the private Minister of Finance and Finance Berat AlbaicarHis statements in Davos and his emphasis on adherence to budgetary discipline had a positive effect.

In addition, a new external borrowing and loan of EUR 1.25 billion was among the positive changes at a stage when money was moving towards developing countries. On January 16, $ 2 billion external debt $ 3.4 billion in the month of the Treasury was a source of input.

– There is a clear and strong inflow of foreign capital for three weeks. As can be seen from the table below, Net equity for equity reached 115 million in the week of January 11 and $ 712 million in the week of January 18. Last week's data will be published this week. The foreign share of foreign investors on the stock market continues to enter 66% of the foreign shares.


-So how long the interest in emerging markets will continue to be decisive for the direction of the market. With the economic recession in developed economies, it is considered that global capital flows to developing countries have just begun. This is one of the reasons why more can come.

– It's the middle of the week. pine It can be related to pose.

– We know what the storm is. It can be expected that the Federal Reserve will make the uneven increase in interest rates, the relationship with development and the discontinuation of the practice.

-Because This registration can be seen as a confirmation of the opening of gold as the dollar registration will not increase in the medium term.

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