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Sultan's organs can be 4 patients, 2 patients will be light


Yusuf W. (17) went to the area of ​​Gazipasha from the shore of Selinu. 07 HML 08 plaque motorcycle on Tuesday, November 20 at 22:00. 07 UR 977 the plate in the car collided with. In the accident the motorcycle driver Yusuf U. and his girlfriend, Sultan Dilek, sat in the passenger seat. Sultan Dilek, who was taken to a hospital for training and research in Alanya with an ambulance after the intervention of the health teams who came for the incident, was transferred to the hospital at Accenez University (AÜ) on November 24th. Yusuf Ü. was released from hospital after treatment.


Sultan Dilek, who was treated in an intensive care unit, had a brain death yesterday morning. Coordinators of the Organ Transplant Center Nilgun Bilal and Ugur Gench met with father Murat and her mother Atiy Dilek (40) to donate organs. The last time they saw their daughter in the intensive care unit, they approved the removal of the organs. The two kidneys of Dilek, liver, lungs and 2 corneas were surgically removed for transplantation. Dilek's kidneys, liver and cornea will be transported to patients at AÜ's Hospital. The Center for Lung Transplantation has not yet been identified.

I want to be a doctor

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Murat Dilek, the daughter of daughter of Anatoliy's daughter Fevi Alaatinoglu, the university is preparing for the exam, she said. The economic situation is not good, explaining that his daughter continues his education with the support of the philanthropists Dilek, "Uncle Gazipa's visit to her uncle happened by accident, for days we were in the hospital He wanted to be useful, we donated organs in accordance with this desire. "" The Organellah wants to save the others I wanted, I would come instead of the desire, "we thought.

We want to welcome "patients"

Dr. Murat Dilek said that patients want to meet transplanted organs after surgery "We want to meet them is our only request, we express our desire to donate organs," he said.

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