Friday , May 20 2022

Sunlight warning for patients with psoriasis


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Didem Dincer, the harmful effects of sunlight and telling them about the methods of protection. Bright and dark skins should be well protected from the sun warns that the Department of Skin and Venereal Diseases Professor Dr Dimdem Dinçer advises not to remain outdoors during the sun.

Diet, ultraviolet A, B and C both have a muteogenic and carcinogenic effect and can lead to premature aging, indicating that place a timely and recommended dose of sunlight.


Interfering, the use of sunlight in the treatment of some skin diseases, but in uncontrolled sunlight is harmful in any case, he said. Dincer said that these people had to adjust the sun exposure time well, said: "There is room in the treatment of eczema sunlight, but if exposed to uncontrolled light, it will burn or skin lesions will get worse." Or we have an allergic contact dermatitis or psoriasis When treating sunlight as controlled but we give sunlight for a few seconds within minutes of psoriasis if someone is exposed to the sun as uncontrolled exposure to the number of psoriasis lesion.


Dincer also warned about tanning, many people pointed to the skin to take a variety of foods to tan.

Dinçer stresses that it is not advisable to apply skin food: "Whatever I am against the skin, that's it," he said.

Like in the sun, the cancer increases every day, saying: "In the world there is a proven fact that ultraviolet B is directly associated with skin cancer, ultraviolet A. However, the stratosphere is blocked by the layer, but unfortunately the ozone layer the perforation of ultraviolet C is now beginning to be seen in bad effects, "he said.

Dincer recommends using sunscreen 30 minutes before coming out to protect yourself from the sun. "Our society is now slowly informed about the sunscreen.

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