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Survivor baby struggle! | VATAN INTERVIEW


November 17, 2018 Saturday – 2:30 | Last Updated: 17 11 2018 – 2:30

Because of the World Premium Day, premature babies and their families born at the Acıbadem Kadıköy Hospital meet with their doctors

Because of the November 17 World Premium Day, Acıbadem came with premature babies and their families born at Kadıköy Hospital. Neonatology (Neonatal Science) Specialist Assoc. Dr. Atalay Demirel, because the changing circumstances began to show more and more premature births, he said. 1 million 300 thousand babies born every year in Turkey account for around 10 percent of premature babies. These La Survivor babies have to struggle with more difficulties than normal.

& # 39; Advanced pregnancy is important & # 39;

Affirming that the number of premature babies increases due to the development of the age of labor, the spread of IVF treatment and the increase in multiple pregnancies. Dr. Demirel, when it was decided to have a baby, was immediately underlined that the obstetrician should be consulted. Demirel said, li Some women and families are very conscious when they will have a baby. So, if there is a disease or risk that can cause premature birth, they can be seen and treated during a regular antenatal care.

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