Tuesday , July 27 2021

Take a look at the phase if you have allergies

Specialist Sal and Patients Blm Berat Yell gave information about the allergic diseases that many people had. Dr. Alkin said that as a result of allergic diseases of foreign substances there is a profit. Ycel said allergy could show different symptoms to the affected organ. Allergic and allergic diseases, both genetic and degenerative, can show gradual gynecologists. Ycel emphasizes the need to avoid any traumatic allergies. Dr. Allergic treatment of allergy can be fully restored or Mr. Ycel said cigarette smoke, air pollution and respiratory infections are the most important factors.

Symptoms may cause differences in affected organs

Explanation that symptoms can cause differences in the threat of allergy. Dr. Berat Icel, Dr Allergic Viral System, gives anomalies to foreign substances Our body of allergic symptoms to substances caused by abnormal manifestations of blood symptoms can show differences in affected organs For example, allergic diseases such as asthma, allergic rhinitis, atopic dermatitis, food allergy, and anaphylaxis should be considered if recurrence of these symptoms or recurrence can occur.There are different findings in allergic rhinitis and in allergic rhinitis the nose is more obstructive.

Change in allergy or continuity

He stated that family allergens are more likely to be observed in children with allergic diseases. "Allergies and allergic diseases are related to genetic and genetic factors." The more allergies in the family, the more likely they are to develop the same allergy. It should be noted that allergic patients may also suffer from allergic diseases while their parents may be affected by allergies, while others may affect the severity of allergies. In the first year of life, grill allergies are more effective, while the more fat is more stable, food allergies usually improve over time, while allergic allergies are allergic to allergic individuals.

Patients can be controlled through newly developed cities

Underlining the humidity of the allergy, Dr. Ycel, "Although the disease can be done with detailed history and research, it is important to determine the allergen and assess treatment." The Hi test should not be the only one to assess with patient history and findings. The latest achievements in the treatment of allergic patients have led to new achievements in recent years, but the control of patients with allergic diseases is one of the most important steps in the treatment of allergic diseases. gies is the most important part of treatment. It should be avoided by agents of disease. Cigarette smoke, air pollution and respiratory infections are among the most important factors.

The life of the patient is gradual.

Children and adolescents who have information about the problems that Asthma needs to address should pay attention to Sal and Hastalklar Blm Uzm. Dr Berat Yell, "There is a strong link between disease control and phase control, and gradual control regimes can reduce the number of patients required, such as reducing the number of attacks, that these actions require sreklilik money transfers.

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